Tread Labs Insoles Review

About Tread Labs

Tread Labs Insoles Review

Tread Labs is an online brand of insoles for walkers looking for pain relief, athletic performance, or just everyday comfort. From the modest 2k followers on social media, Tread Labs is seemingly a small-town biz. 

Plot twist: this brand is big-city. It’s been featured in Insider, Footwear News, Business Insider, Snowshoe Magazine, and was even awarded Best Insole for Overall Foot Pain in Shape Magazine.

This Tread Labs insoles review will be an info sesh on all the stuff you want to know and all the stuff you didn’t know you needed to know. We’ll go over the brand’s story, founders, mission, bestseller products, shipping and return policies, customer reviews, FAQs about the insoles, and an ultimate stamp of approval or rejection—are they worth the buy?

Overview of Tread Labs

Tread Labs Insoles Review

Mark Paigen has been working in the shoe industry for decades. Back in 1989, Mark founded Chaco sandals, a footwear revolution of comfort-first living.

In 2015, Mark leveled up with Tread Labs, an insole brand that offers wearers exceptional support for shoes they already own. Because why shouldn’t everyone be comfortable, no matter what their style is?

From their headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts, the USA-made Tread Labs is showing people “how arch support can change their lives.” 

Now is the time in our Tread Labs insoles review to pause and reflect: what are the overarching (see what we did there?) pros and cons for this brand?


  • Glowing reviews about the product
  • Kind, attentive customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns within 90 days
  • Insoles designed to last you your lifetime


  • More expensive than other brands
  • No free shipping or returns for international orders
  • Some complaints about insoles being too flimsy, too firm, and size-inaccurate
Tread Labs Insoles Review

That’s the general snapshot. Next, our Tread Labs insoles review will provide you, dear friend, with an analysis of some of the brand’s insoles, including different types made for different people.

Tread Labs Insoles Review

The following Tread Labs insoles review includes bestsellers. You’re looking at the best of the best here and nothing less!

Tread Labs Pace Insoles Review 

The Tread Labs Pace Insoles are your way to a pain-free walk. Off the bat, you should know that these are fitted for shoes with full-length removable inserts. With a 5mm top cover, they are great for sneakers and hiking boots.

These insoles are also extra firm. This is because extra firm support is most helpful for plantar fasciitis

The insole is designed to relieve pain and improve stability all for the price of $65.

Tread Labs Pace Thin Insoles Review 

The Pace Thin Insoles are also extra-firm Tread Labs orthotics for pain relief and are primarily suitable for plantar fasciitis. This product is thinner than the regular Pace Insoles design. Makes sense, right?

With only a 3mm-thick top cover, the $65 Pace Thin Insoles are best for cleats, cycling shoes, and other shoes with thin removable inserts.

Tread Labs Pace Short Insoles Review 

Another from the extra firm, pain-relieving Pace line, the Pace Short Insoles, are, as one would expect, shorter.

With a 3mm-thick top cover and a shorter style, these are meant for shoes without removable inserts: dress shoes, boat shoes, and the like. 

For $65, they are quite the companion for your next dress-fancy event.

Tread Labs Pace Top Covers Review 

The Pace Top Covers are here for when you need a change of pace. Since Tread Labs insoles have a 2-part design and are meant to last a lifetime, it’s only natural that you’d want to replace the top cover for freshness purposes after a couple of years of use. 

For the Pace Insoles (remember: designed for full-length removable inserts), these are $16.

Tread Labs Dash Thin Insoles Review 

The Dash Thin Insoles are for runners. Or athletes of any kind. With ultra firmness, they support you from head to toe, making you less prone to injury during exercise and more prone to awesome performance results.

Featuring a 3mm top cover, these are fit for soccer cleats, golf shoes, and other sport footwear that have thin, removable inserts in them. 

To improve your activity with an insole that has your back (technically it has your feet, but we digress), you can get the Dash Thin Insoles for $105.

Tread Labs Ramble Insoles Review 

Tread Labs Ramble Insoles are the insoles for you if you need just a comfier shoe to walk in. If your feet are healthy and you just need a little padding, these will do just the trick. 

With just the right amount of firm support, the Ramble Insoles give you everyday comfort for your feet, and that can go a long way.

Ideal for shoes with full-length, removable inserts, these have a 5mm-thick top cover that fits right into your fav pair of sneakers, a pair of shoes that are about to get that much better with these babies in ‘em. For $55, you can’t be mad at the price.

Tread Labs Metatarsal Support Pads Review 

Tread Labs sells Metatarsal Support Pads, an optional add-on to your insoles. These are designed to support the metatarsal bones, essentially by alleviating pressure on the balls of your feet. 

The Metatarsal Support Pads are only $10, so why not?

How Long Do Tread Labs Insoles Last? 

Tread Labs Insoles Review

Tread Labs insoles are meant to last you your lifetime. Approximately “one million miles,” as promised by the brand. 

The two-part design makes these products durable, so you don’t have to begrudgingly replace them every few months. None of that wasteful nonsense. Once you find your right fit, you can be partners for life. Kind of romantic, honestly.

Who Is Tread Labs For? 

Tread Labs Insoles Review

What’s extra awesome about Tread Labs is that the brand isn’t for one specific person. It isn’t just for people with diagnosed feet problems. It isn’t just for athletes. 

There’s a right fit for people with painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis as much as there is a right fit for people with healthy feet, and athletes looking for increased performance. 

High arch, low arch, middle arch. Firm, extra firm, ultra-firm. Big feet, little feet, medium feet. Tread Labs has a pair of insoles that’ll feel just right.

Take the Find Your Fit quiz on the brand site to have a pair matched to you so that you can cop the Tread Labs insoles of your dreams.

Comparison: Tread Labs vs. Superfeet  

Tread Labs Insoles Review

How does the brand stack up against a competitor? A similar brand, Superfeet, is also an insole brand for pain relief, athletic performance, and comfort. 

Superfeet insoles are different in these 5 ways:

  1. Products last only 12 months
  2. More customization and variety: choose shoe type, fit, activity, pain areas, gender, age
  3. More affordable
  4. Available in stores
  5. Only 60 days for return policy

Comparing the two brands side by side reveals how Tread Labs is more for the long-gamers, while Superfeet is more budget-friendly and less durable. The winning brand is decided by your needs.

Tread Labs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tread Labs Insoles Review

To deliver you the best Tread Labs insoles review possible, we need answers about the quality of the product and site from customers themselves. We consulted the brand site, Amazon, Reddit, and Facebook for all the nitty-gritty details.

According to customers on the official site, how do the products in this Tread Labs insoles review fare? Let’s take a look: 

  • Pace Insoles: 4.7/5 stars out of 771 ratings
  • Pace Thin Insoles: 4.7/5 stars out of 124 ratings
  • Pace Short Insoles: 4.8/5 stars out of 136 ratings
  • Pace Top Covers: 4.8/5 stars out of 69 ratings
  • Dash Thin Insoles: 4.9/5 stars out of 30 ratings
  • Ramble Insoles: 4.7/5 stars out of 216 ratings
  • Metatarsal Support Pads: 4.5/5 stars out of 107 ratings

Okay, so, the reviews on the brand site are so glowing that it was hard for us to choose which to show you. 

Customers were simply full to the brim with high praise, calling the insoles “literally life savers,” attesting that you “instantly feel the support,” and appreciating how they are “very affordable compared to what a podiatrist would charge.”

One customer who suffered from plantar fasciitis “for years” called the Pace Insoles a game changer” and wrote: 

They have decreased my pain significantly to the point where I can get back to running long distances! I highly recommend these! The little arch test was great to help me know what arch type I needed.”

… And customers described Tread Labs customer service like the insoles themselves: supportive and accommodating. Exhibit A:

I had a problem this December with delivery from the USPS and didn’t receive my arch supports, Annie responded almost immediately, with kindness and concern to my email and resolved the issue beyond my satisfaction.”

On Amazon, customers are decent to the brand. The Tread Labs Stride Insole is rated 4.1/5 stars from 173 reviews. The Pace Insoles are 4.2/5 stars from 149 reviews.

The list of positives for both products was lengthy. Customers attested that even “extreme pain” went bye-bye because of the insoles, the product material “holds up well” with “strong construction,” and the insoles are “worth every penny.

To their (and our) delight, they were majorly impressed with their customer service. Instead of recommending the customer buy a whole new pair, they offered a solution that was free of any capitalistic loss:

SUPER HELPFUL and very pleasant to speak to! He told me about a video on their site that shows the best way to trim them which I am glad for because otherwise I would have probably gone all Edward Scissorhands on them.”

On Facebook, the brand only has 3.4/5 stars, but this average was only from 5 reviews. Still, we wanted to share with you this example of a negative Tread Labs insoles review:

Worst inserts I’ve used and the most expensive. They slide inside the shoe because the front is very flexible and no matter what shoe I have put them in or how many modifications I’ve been told to make… they SQUEAK.

Get this: the company responded oh-so graciously, agreeing immediately to replace the pair free of charge! Smiley faces all around. Their customer service is kind and, unlike many other brands, is happy to help out the customer even if it means sending a free product. 

Over on Reddit, the forum posts and commenters were mostly kind to the brand. On the subreddit for plantar fasciitis, customers recommended Tread Labs “for sure” above other brands: “I’ve tried them all & Treadlabs were the game changer for me.” 

Another customer shared how helpful and kind customer service was to them, quickly responding and matchmaking them with the insole that was the perfect fit. Check out this positive review of the product quality and overall purchasing experience:

I like Tread Labs, expensive up front but the foam part is easily replaceable for $15. Also the “extra high” model has more arch support than Superfeet if you’re blessed with talons. They’re a good company and shipping is fast/free from their website, which accepts Amazon Pay.

The common threads of positives reviews? Most positive comments praised product quality, especially the pain relief, and customer service’s enthusiasm to help. We gotta hand it to ‘em: most reviews were positively glowing.

Is Tread Labs Worth It?

Tread Labs Insoles Review

Rejoice: Treads Labs is worth it! From the excitement and gratitude oozing from the positive customer reviews alone, it is clear that this brand is doing something right. The positive testimonials are really, really positive, like, as in “life-changing” positive.

The fact that people are thanking this brand so graciously in their reviews—both on and off the brand site—is a very special thing. 

The insoles are more expensive than competitors like Superfeet and Dr. Scholl’s, but it’s for a good reason: these insoles are meant to last you way longer

Give the brand a try. It won’t hurt, because the return policy is 90-days and fee-free as long as you live in the US.

Tread Labs Promotions & Discounts 

Tread Labs Insoles Review

Our Tread Labs insoles review couldn’t find any active coupon codes for you, but here are some ways you can save some cash:

  • Sign up for the newsletter for deals
  • 25% military discount
  • Follow on social media for frequent giveaways

Where to Buy Tread Labs

Tread Labs Insoles Review

Tread Labs is special. It’s only available online on their website at and Amazon.


Tread Labs Insoles Review

 Where is Tread Labs made? 

Our Tread Labs insoles review found that they are made in none other than the USA.

What is Tread Labs’s Shipping Policy?

Tread Labs wants you to buy insoles online and won’t let pricey shipping fees stand in the way. That’s right, US shipping is free

Here are all the delivery times and prices (or non-prices):

  • USPS shipping (3-5 business days): Free
  • Canada (5-7 business days): $10 
  • International (5-7 business days): $25 for 1-2 pairs, $40 for 3-5 pairs

What is Tread Labs’s Return Policy?

We were delighted by the company’s return policy: the “Our Fit Guarantee” gives you 90 days to decide whether or not the insoles are a good friend to you.

If you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason, don’t fret about return costs because you get a prepaid return label emailed right to you. You can also choose between receiving a refund or exchange.

If you live outside the US, it’s a different story: you do pay for return costs and there is no exchange option.

How to Contact Tread Labs

During our Tread Labs insoles review, we found these ways to get in touch with the brand:

  1. Phone: (781) 435-0662
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. The old fashioned way: Tread Labs, 56 Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801 

Customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.

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