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TruMedic Review

To build muscle or improve your physical health you have to push yourself. Everybody knows that. It’s where the phrase “no pain, no gain” came from. 

However, if that mantra were truly accurate then it would state “no rest, no gain,” because it’s only through proper recovery that our bodies adapt to stress and put on muscle. 

TruMedic can’t help you with the training part of the equation, but they can give you the tools to recover like a professional athlete

Their at-home massage devices have caught the eyes of publications like Good Morning America, People Magazine, and The New York Post.

The brand has over 4k followers on Instagram and more than 15k fans on Facebook, all of whom are looking to recover better and perform harder. In this TruMedic review, I will look at how the company’s products can help you on your athletic journey. 

I’ll tell you about some of their products, their technology, and their customer reception so that you can decide whether they’re worth adding to your arsenal. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview Of TruMedic

TruMedic Review

The New York-based team behind TruMedic recognizes that massages offer us more than just relaxation. They can impart holistic remedies to health issues as well as destress us, thus allowing our bodies to better take care of themselves. 

Their line of massage devices is backed by medical science and holistic practitioners to meet at the intersection between research and reality. The next section of this TruMedic review will give you a few quick reasons why you’d want to shop with them.


TruMedic Review
  • Wide array of personal massage tools
  • Praised by many mainstream news outlets
  • Products are widely available 
  • Free shipping
  • Financing payment plans are available
  • 1-year limited product warranty

TruMedic’s massage device library includes standard-fare tools like massage chairs to more personalized machine guns to innovative pieces like neck and back massage straps. 

TruMedic Massager Review

This section of my TruMedic review will hone in on three of their most unique devices. Even the massage chair I’m going to tell you about is a rarity in its marketplace.

TruMedic IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat Review

This first TruMedic massager can take all the comfort of a massage chair and put it in a portable device. 

The TruMedic IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat directs care towards the two most sensitive and injury-prone areas of most people’s bodies. 

It’s totally wireless so you can place it anywhere on your body that needs the most care. Plus, you can adjust its intensity and heat to your preference. 

The TruMedic IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat can be your number one option for on-the-go care, especially since it only costs $118.

TruMedic truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy Device Thermal Review

Massage guns are all the rage now, yet TruMedic found a way to improve upon the formula with this bad boy. 

Their massage gun can massage your muscles with three different intensity levels, but it’s the TruMedic truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy Device Thermal variable temperatures that make it a great tool for relief.

It can apply either hot, cold, or neutral pressure to reduce muscle swelling and encourage further recovery. You can apply those heats with as much or as little concentration as you like thanks to this device’s five massage heads.

The TruMedic truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy Device Thermal can be yours for $250.

TruMedic Symphony Massage Chair Review 

I teased this product earlier in this TruMedic review. It’s finally time to talk about TruMedic’s massage chair. It exemplifies coziness and convenience based on its features alone. The TruMedic Symphony Massage Chair has the following elements included:

  1. A built-in wireless phone charger
  2. 21 different massage settings
  3. A foot and ankle massager
  4. Bluetooth speakers
  5. Voice controls
  6. Reclining settings and height

This is the massage chair I wish I had as a child. You can make my childhood dreams come true by picking up the TruMedic Symphony Massage Chair for $7,558.

TruMedic Foot Massager Review

You might scold me in my own TrueMedic review for waiting until now to tell you about foot massagers, but really, I saved the best for last. 

Who doesn’t love a good foot massage, yet who actually likes giving them? That alone proves the usability of the TruMedic foot massager.

TruMedic Foot Massager With Heat IS-4000 Review 

The TruMedic Foot Massager With Heat IS-4000 gives you the experience of an intimate foot massage without the need for human interaction. 

It can fit men with feet up to size 11 and women whose feet run as large as size 13. Some of the other notable features of this device include:

  • Heated massage options
  • Three varying intensities
  • Air compression capabilities
  • Precise application on sensitive areas

This TruMedic Foot Massager With Heat IS-4000 costs $200.

Who Is TruMedic For? 

TruMedic Review

The products I’ve spoken about in this TruMedic review would benefit anyone who longs for a massage from their home. They’re also great for athletes who need care but cannot access a professional masseuse. 

TruMedic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

TruMedic Review

I’ve included the customer scores of some of the items featured in this TruMedic review. These two figures come from the brand’s website:

  • TruMedic Foot Massager With Heat IS-4000: 4.9/5 stars based on more than 40 ratings 
  • TruMedic IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat: 4.7/5 stars based on more than 510 ratings

Seeing as how that’s only two averages for two products, I looked for other TruMedic reviews to see what they reported. Here’s what customers gave the brand’s products on other websites:

  • Walmart: 4.8/5 stars based on 5 pieces of customer feedback on the TruMedic IS-3000 Pro Neck & Back Massager with Heat
  • Amazon: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 750 pieces of customer feedback on the TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massager
  • Costco: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 2,200 pieces of customer feedback on the truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Full Body Massager with Heat

It’s safe to conclude that the majority of customers loved their TruMedic devices. People claimed that it provided them with the care that helped them recover from injuries more quickly than if they otherwise didn’t use them. 

As one TruMedic review from a customer puts it, “I’ve had frozen shoulder and now osteoarthritis of my knee – the TruMedic keeps pain, stiffness and discomfort to a MINIMUM without my even taking any pain pill. Totally recommend it – especially with the massage + heat setting.

The devices were so powerful that some TruMedic reviews said that they got a little sore after using them, but that’s to be expected from deep massages. This is how one buyer described the feeling in their review on Costco’s website:

I have to say the first time I used this product, I instantly got great results. My muscle was loosened and my stiff neck was gone BUT my muscle was very sore due to the deep tissue massage feature… I think as I use the massager more, the more I will get used to it. I can handle sore muscles but not the stiff neck. Thanks to this massager, my stiff neck is no more.”

Some people even turned to their TruMedic devices over their previously purchased massage chairs, which is how you know a product is good. That’s what one person wrote in their 5/5 stars review on Amazon:

Bought this for my mother as a gift and she absolutely loves it. My parents has one of those fancy massage chairs but my mother chooses to use this over the massage chair.

Is TruMedic Legit?

TruMedic Review

I didn’t find too many negative TruMedic reviews that made me think that this company is sketchy. It’s safe to say that they are legit.

Is TruMedic Worth It?

TruMedic Review

I can easily conclude that TruMedic products are more than worth it for those who want at-home relief based on their product specifications and glowing customer testimonials.

TruMedic Promotions & Discounts 

TruMedic Review

You can earn a 10% discount on your first TruMedic purchase by signing up for their email newsletter on their website.

Where To Buy TruMedic

TruMedic Review

You can find TruMedic’s products rather easily. The number one place to purchase them is on the brand’s website,

That being said, you can also find the goods in this TruMedic review on Amazon, in stores like Walmart and Costco, and in electronics hubs like Best Buy.


TruMedic Review

Who owns TruMedic?

Russel Izzo is the president and CEO of TruMedic.

Does TruMedic ship internationally?

TruMedic happily ships to Canada and the United States.

What is TruMedic’s Shipping Policy?

The brand provides free shipping on all standard orders to Canada and the lower 48 United States. An additional fee will be added to orders heading to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

What is TruMedic’s Return Policy?

If you contact the company within 30 days of receiving your order then you can apply for a refund. The company will accept your return but will charge you a 15% restocking fee.

How To Contact TruMedic

TruMedic Review

I’ll wrap up my TruMedic review by telling you that the best way to contact the brand is by filling out a customer service form on their website. 

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