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About Cubii

Cubii Review

Cubii is a fitness brand that creates seated ellipticals which make it possible for you to stay active while you work, watch TV, or lounge on the couch (though that does take some of the purpose out of “lounging”!). Offered in four models, the brand’s lightweight, stylish fitness machine is virtually silent and office-approved. 

After catching the attention of celebrities like Khloé Kardashian very early after its launch, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity. Our Cubii review has found spotlights on this sleek little exercise system in Greatist, Entrepreneur, Forbes, on TV’s Good Morning America, and in many other notable media outlets. 

Looking for a way to stay active in busy times? This may be the fitness solution for you! In this Cubii review, we’ll give you in-depth information about the brand and its products, fill you in on what customers have to say, scope out promotions and discounts, and answer some frequently asked questions about the brand to help guide your decisions. 

Overview of Cubii

Cubii Review

As schedules get busier and more and more jobs entail sitting in a chair and staring at a screen, the need for multi-tasking is greater than ever. You can see the retail market’s reaction to this new reality in products like on-the-go meals, as well as highly portable workout equipment designed to help you stay fit while dealing with all the other madness that makes up our days. 

That’s Cubii—the friendly little elliptical designed for seated workouts. It’s a great option for seniors, harried parents, overworked professionals, people looking to stay active while dealing with an injury, or just about anyone who’s looking to get the most out of their day. 

Cubii co-founders Arnav Dalmia and Shivani Jain first unveiled the prototype of their product in the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge. While the elliptical was originally conceived as a fitness aid for office workers, initial users noted that the potential benefits of the product could extend to the target demographic’s parents and grandparents as well.

Along with their partner Ryota Sekine, Dalmia and Jain officially launched Cubii in 2014. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first Cubii elliptical was soon introduced to households across the US and Canada. 

Over the course of its first half-decade, the Chicago-based brand has released three more models of its elliptical, all of which differ slightly in terms of features, weight, and ease of use. The company has also launched an online instructional service, Cubii Studio+, that lets you take live elliptical workout sessions with qualified trainers.

This Cubii review will give you the details and fine points of each of the elliptical models below, but first, let’s take a look at some of the brand’s top-line pros and cons.


  • Four different elliptical models to choose from
  • Machine comes with helpful accessories like chair stoppers and non-slip mat
  • Newer versions of elliptical are even lighter, more portable, and easier to use
  • Near-silent operation
  • Free Cubii Studio+ trial
  • One-year warranty on all models
  • Free US shipping on orders of $49 and up
  • 30-day risk-free trial plus free return shipping


  • Elliptical use may be distracting in office situation
  • JR1 model is quite heavy and can be difficult for some to move
  • Ships to US and Canada only

Long work schedules as well as household responsibilities mean less time for the gym. While home workouts are great, the motivation to do them is sometimes lacking. Cubii makes that prospect a little less daunting with its conveniently compact design, which lets it slide easily under a desk or in front of the couch, as well as the fact that you can multi-task while exercising. 

With each of the brand’s four models, you’ll get eight levels of resistance and super-quiet operation that won’t annoy you while you type out that novel or input last quarter’s stats. The machines vary in weight, but even the heaviest can be picked up or scooted across the floor. 

By empowering you to create a comfortable workout environment in your own home, Cubii will open your eyes to the benefits of LISS or interval training routines without you ever stepping foot in the gym. Wear what you want, go at your own pace, catch up on your stories if you want—exercise becomes fun and approachable when it’s in your own home. 

While Cubii is great for multi-tasking, those who want more focus in their workout regimens can take advantage of the brand’s online platform, Cubii Studio+. Available to any Cubii owner, the service costs around $8 per month, or $75 per year if you’re into the whole commitment thing. Of course, before you buy a subscription, you can try a week for free. 

In the next section of this Cubii review, we’ll show you the brand’s four elliptical models, along with a handy bundle that lets you pack the machine and a few pieces of gear into conveniently transportable form. 

Cubii Exercise Machines Review

Cubii Review

By now, you’ve probably got a feel for what Cubii could mean for your health and how it can open up your schedule. Below, you’ll learn about what makes each of the models different and who each one might best be suited for based on features and design. 

Cubii JR1 Review 

The brand’s original model, the Cubii JR1 has an ergonomic design that makes it easy on your feet and joints, and its weight of 27 lbs. means it will be easy on your back when it comes to lifting and storing. Storing is made that much easier by the conveniently located handle built into the frame. 

With the LCD screen that displays your speed, time, resistance level, and calories burned, you’ll stay motivated as you see your numbers increase even while you sit and watch your favorite show. This Cubii exercise machine also comes with wheel stoppers for office chairs, batteries for the LCD display, and a non-slip mat that is super-handy for wood or tile floors.

Change up your activity status from sedentary to active with the Cubii JR1 for $249

Cubii JR2 Review 

This upgraded Cubii JR weighs considerably less than the brand’s original model (almost a whole 10 lbs.). It also takes up 10% less space, and the new ZeroGravitii Flywheel design makes operation quieter than ever.

For those looking to use this at their work desk, the elliptical can be attached to your desk chair to stop yourself from rolling away while pedalling. The adjustable foot straps give you even more security, and allows for a smoother stride. 

Like its predecessor, this next-gen Cubii JR. seated elliptical comes with a non-slip mat and an LCD display unit (batteries included) that shows your rotations per minute, calories burned, and time. Feel the difference with the compact Cubii JR2 for $269

Cubii Go Review 

If assembly isn’t your thing, the Cubii Go may be. It comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do is take it out of the box, pull on your shoes, and get pedaling. With its near-silent ZeroGravitii Flywheel, this seated elliptical feels great to pedal, eliminates stress on your joints, and is gentle on the ears. 

When it’s time to move your Go, just pull out the retractable handle and use the built-in back wheel to roll it across the floor like a suitcase. It weighs just under 20 lbs., so transporting it from home to the office is totally doable. Speaking of the office, the built-in wheel stopper will prevent your desk chair from moving away while you type and pedal. 

The illuminated display unit makes it easy to see your levels while you push for a greater burn. Even better, you can connect your Cubii Go monitor to the Cubii mobile app via your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Health Kit to track your performance even more closely. You can get the Cubii Go for $299.

Cubii Pro Review 

When you see the word “pro,” you know things are about to get serious. The Cubii Pro is a sleek, no-nonsense version of the lovable little Cubii elliptical. Coming in striking chrome or a starkly contrasting black-and-red color combo, this hardcore-looking machine combines modern features with impeccable design to bring you the most challenging seated workout yet. 

The Cubii Pro weighs 27 lbs., so those who use more force when they pedal may find this easier to use. It’s got wheel stoppers for use with office chairs, and if you’re the generous type you can easily lend it to one of your office pals while you’re away, as the built-in handle will let them port it over to their cubicle with no problem. 

This model also comes with a charger and a non-slip mat. With its Bluetooth capability, you can sync your Pro right to your Cubii Studio+ app to upload your stats and connect with your Communitii, Apple Watch, Fitbit, or HealthKit. Get serious about your seated workout with the Cubii Pro under desk elliptical for $349.  

Cubii JR1 Premium Bundle Review 

Want to kick your workout up a notch? The Cubii JR1 Premium Bundle gives you the brand’s classic elliptical model along with a set of 3-lb. dumbbells, so you can (gently!) blast your upper body while your legs are pumping away.

The bundle also comes with the standard LCD fitness-tracking display that can connect to the Cubii mobile app, as well as a non-slip workout mat. The Cubii JR1 Premium Bundle is $289,  but you’ll receive a $15 discount at checkout. 

Can You Lose Weight With Cubii? 

Cubii Review

At the end of the day, losing weight is in your hands. Cubii burns up to 150 calories per hour on average, which means that you’d have to pedal two hours at max speed to burn 300 calories—the amount an average person will burn during a one-hour walk. 

That said, any calories you burn that you weren’t previously means that over time, you may lose weight from regular Cubii use. Remember that 1 lb. of fat equals 3,200 calories, so at 1 hour of Cubii use per day, it’s possible that you’d lose 1 lb. in 3 weeks—not too bad. Use the elliptical for 2 hours each day, and that time is cut in half. 

Of course, weight loss has to do with so much more than simply moving: your diet, genetics, and stress level all come into play as well. The purpose of Cubii is to get you moving, get your blood pumping, and increase overall health. If weight loss occurs, consider that a bonus. 

Is Cubii Good For Bad Knees? 

Cubii Review

Cubii is excellent for your knees. Ellipticals in general are one of the most joint-friendly exercise machines on the market, so one that lets you sit down to use it is even better. 

Think of it like recumbent cycling mixed with the motion of an elliptical. The angle your legs are at on a recumbent bike allows for minimal stress to be put on your joints. When combined with the motion of the elliptical (no pounding on the pavement, just pushing), you have yourself a winning combo. 

Is Cubii Good For Seniors? 

Cubii Review

This Cubii review found that the machine is great for people of all ages, but it’s particularly useful for seniors who need to stay active, but a) can’t get on a big machine, b) can’t make it to the gym, c) can’t afford a large piece of equipment or a gym membership, d) can’t walk due to an injury, and/or e) want to keep busy while watching their favorite show.

Who Is Cubii For? 

Cubii Review

Cubii is ideal for anyone who wants to stay active throughout their day. Designed for both home and office use, the Cubii under desk elliptical is a smart choice for office workers or people who want to multitask or get some low-impact exercise while they watch TV or read on the couch. 

The machines are easy to use and don’t weigh much, which makes them perfect for all ages, even teens and seniors. Note that children should not use these machines without supervision. 

Comparison: Cubii vs. Sunny Health 

Cubii Review

Seated ellipticals aren’t exactly new to the market: they’ve been used in the medical community for years as rehabilitation aids. But as time passes these machines have evolved, getting smaller, sleeker, lighter, and offering more functions. 

Cubii is a modern brand, but is it the best on the market? To help answer this question, this Cubii review will do a quick comparison between it and Sunny Health, a fitness equipment company that carries both seated ellipticals, as well as a wider line of exercise products.

Sunny Health’s product lineup starts with small accessories like weights and mats and extends to large stand-up ellipticals, rowers, and treadmills, which makes this brand a great choice if you’re looking for a variety of workout options. Let’s see if it’s still a great choice for those who are specifically interested in seated ellipticals. 

The Sunny Health Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Peddler uses magnets to offer eight levels of resistance that are controlled by a knob, the same as Cubii. It includes a small digital monitor, which looks like it may be a bit hard to read, as well as a carrying handle, non-slip pedals, and smooth-glide wheels. 

The description doesn’t mention sound and, unfortunately, the information video doesn’t feature audio. But this Cubii review did note that this machine’s wheels move on the ground, which could possibly cause more noise as the back-and-forth motion of the wheels isn’t muffled. 

The Sunny Health Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Peddler ($140, list price of $220) looks a bit bulky, but weighs just 25 lbs. It, like the Cubii Go ($299), comes with a one-year warranty and arrives pre-assembled. 

What’s the main difference between the machines? The Cubii Go is more modern, uses a slide mechanism on the inside instead of wheels on the outside, and has a slightly larger screen (though not by much). The Go weighs just under 20 lbs., which means that it may be easier to move. 

Both machines look to be good quality, but the Cubii model may beat out Sunny Health’s thanks to its quiet, smooth ZeroGravitii Flywheel, lighter weight, larger and illuminated screen, and built-in chair stops. Of course, you’re paying for all those features, as the Go is more than double the sale price of the Sunny Health machine. 

So, what’s more important to you—quality features, or low price? The choice is yours. 

Want to learn more about Sunny Health? Then check out our full Sunny Health & Fitness Review and see how they stack up.

Cubii Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cubii Review

If you’ve just finished reading our comparison of Sunny Health and Cubii, then you know that our featured brand is more expensive than other similar ones on the market. 

Based on what we’ve read so far, it appears that what Cubii offers in terms of features, looks, quality, and accessories is worth the extra money, but that’s just speculation. To understand if it’s true, it’s important that this Cubii review takes note of what customers have to say about the brand’s machines. 

We’ll head to the brand’s website first to see what kind of ratings shoppers leave there. Below, you’ll find ratings for some of Cubii’s most notable offerings: 

  • Cubii JR14.8/5 stars based on 1,684 reviews
  • Cubii JR24.8/5 stars based on 158 reviews
  • Cubii Go4.8/5 stars based on 89 reviews
  • Cubii Pro4.8/5 stars based on 332 reviews
  • Cushii Lumbar Cushion4.8/5 stars based on 36 reviews

As you can see, these products get the same rating right across the board. First off, let’s see what customers had to say about the JR1, which gets a ton of great feedback for its quiet operation, ease of use, and immediate benefits. “This has made such a big difference in my life in just one week. I no longer have leg cramps at night while I’m sleeping,” reads one review. 

There are a few reviews that mention some difficulties with the JR1—either that it’s too heavy, too hard to push, or not ideal for those with mobility issues. In these cases, it seems like the negatives are mostly to do with users’ personal issues, not with the Cubii exerciser itself. 

Moving away from the brand’s website itself, let’s check out an in-depth analysis of the Cubii JR1 by Jessica Casperain on Reviewed. First off, she confirms Cubii’s claim for minimal noise, saying that “you may hear the slight swishing of the pedals, it’s predominantly noise-free.” 

But while the machine is certainly quiet and provides a good low-intensity workout, Casperain found that it was distracting for use in the office, saying “there’s no way I’d call the Cubii a passive activity for work hours.” This means that the Cubii seated elliptical may be better suited for the home than the office.

Wanting to check up on the brand’s customer service and how they respond to user issues, this Cubii review checked out the company’s profile at the Better Business Bureau. The initial finding was something of a shock: a D- score. 

But when we saw that this derived from just six complaints over three years, only two of which were not responded to, our level of concern dropped considerably. Not to mention that on the brand website itself, Cubii responds to nearly every complaint with an apology and an offer to make it right.

Is Cubii Worth It?

Cubii Review

Judging by its customer service and product quality and effectiveness, Cubii seems like a reliable brand. Though its machines may not provide a real heart-pounding workout, that’s not really what they’re for: they’re intended to keep you moving while doing other activities in order to promote overall health and wellness. 

The Cubii machine is also very useful for those with injuries, who suffer from joint pain, or who need to lose weight but struggle with walking. Seniors and other people with mobility issues may get great benefits from these Cubii ellipticals.

For the able-bodied but frequently sedentary, keep in mind that while Cubii is marketed as a way to get you moving in the office while you work, its operation may be too distracting despite the promise of near-silent operation. It’s at home, especially during times when you don’t need to focus, that these machines really shine.

Does the fact Cubii isn’t amazing for use during brain work (problem-solving, brainstorming, etc.) make it not worth the money? Definitely not. The Cubii cost is higher than that of ellipticals from other brands (ranging from $249 to $349), but all of its models are quality machines with great features. They’re quiet, offer varied resistance, and the newer models are very light. 

Cubii Promotions & Discounts 

Cubii Review

This Cubii review has rounded up every deal and price advantage the brand has on offer and compiled them below for your convenience:

  • Free shipping for orders of $49 and up
  • Free 7-day Cubii Studio+ trial
  • $15 off the Cubii JR1 Premium Bundle (added automatically at checkout)
  • Sign up to the brand mailing list for more discounts and special offers

Where to Buy Cubii

Cubii Review

To get access to free shipping and discount codes, get your Cubii from You can also find select models at Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, and TSC.


Cubii Review

Where is Cubii made? 

Cubii is designed in the US but made in China. This is pretty standard for many fitness equipment companies: Sunny Health, which was mentioned in the product comparison above, also manufactures its products in China and Taiwan.

What is Cubii’s Shipping Policy?

Cubii ships to the US and Canada, but some accessories only ship within the US. Orders are processed in 1-3 business days, and take about 6-10 business days to arrive at your door. 

What is Cubii’s Return Policy?

Cubii has a 30-day risk-free trial offer that allows you to return your elliptical free of charge if, for whatever reason, you decide that it isn’t right for you. To start a return, head to the help page on the brand website. You’ll be asked to include the following information:

  1. Product serial number
  2. Your order number
  3. Your shipping address
  4. Reason for return

If your request is accepted, Cubii will send you a prepaid return label and directions on what to do next. 

How to Contact Cubii

If you need any other information not already covered in this Cubii review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

Cubii’s customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm CST.

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