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Wellabs Review

Vitamin deficiencies in healthy adults aren’t often discussed, because they’re, well, healthy. But, that doesn’t mean that these vitamins aren’t necessary.

According to a 2019 study[1] that looked at vitamin deficiencies in a healthy urban adult population, a significant proportion of people are lacking in B vitamins, vitamin A, folate, and more.

The effects can be noticeable. Vitamin B12 deficiency, for example, can result in symptoms[2] such as fatigue. If you think you’re relatively healthy, but feel like something might be missing, Wellabs can help.

Headquartered in Hallandale Beach, Florida, this American health and wellness company can help you with a wide variety of issues. Since their product selection is so wide, new customers might find it hard to figure out where to start.

If you know you want to add a supplement to your daily routine, but aren’t quite sure what your body needs, Wellabs even offers a handy quiz on their website, whose results can tell you which products are best for your personal needs. The quiz will ask about your dietary habits, health goals, health history, and more.

Wellabs offers a range of supplements for people of all ages. From mood to digestive health, Wellabs offers support for multiple common issues. If your body feels like it’s lacking in important vitamins and minerals, they might have just the thing for you.

If you’re looking to level up your health and wellness by adding a new supplement to your healthcare routine, this brand can help you out. But, before pulling out your credit card, take a look at my Wellabs review.

I’ll help you make an informed decision by taking you through the brand’s ingredients, benefits, most popular products, customer reviews, and more. Let’s get by looking at Wellabs’ pros and cons!

Pros and Cons of Wellabs

Wellabs Review


  • A wide range of products available for various health concerns: Wellabs offers a variety of supplements and vitamins for different needs, including immune support, sleep aid, stress relief, and more.
  • High-quality and natural ingredients: The company uses natural and organic ingredients in their supplements, which are free from synthetic additives, fillers, and preservatives.
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free: Wellabs ensures that their products are suitable for a range of dietary restrictions, including vegan and gluten-free.
  • Affordable: Customers have reported that Wellabs offers competitive pricing for their products compared to other similar brands in the market.
  • Quick and efficient customer service: The company has received positive reviews for their customer service, with customers reporting quick response times and helpful support.


  • Delivery times: While the company strives to deliver products as quickly as possible, some customers have reported delays in receiving their orders.
  • May not work for everyone: As with any supplement, individual results may vary, and some customers have reported that certain products did not work for them.
  • Limited information: Some customers have expressed concern over the lack of information available on the company’s history and manufacturing processes, which can make it difficult to fully trust the brand.


Here are some studies on the ingredients commonly used in Wellabs products:

  1. Ashwagandha: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that ashwagandha supplementation resulted in significant increases in muscle strength and size, as well as reductions in body fat percentage.
  2. Turmeric: One study found that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, had anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects in patients with osteoarthritis.
  3. Zinc: A systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of Hospital Infection found that zinc supplementation reduced the duration and severity of acute lower respiratory tract infections.
  4. Vitamin C: An overview published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine found that vitamin C supplementation had beneficial effects on immune function and reducing the duration and severity of respiratory tract infections.
  5. Vitamin D3: A randomized controlled trial published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that vitamin D3 supplementation improved muscle strength and reduced falls in older adults.
  6. Magnesium: A systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that magnesium supplementation improved physical performance in athletes and elderly people.


Based on their website and customer reviews, some features that make Wellabs special compared to other similar brands include:

  1. Unique and specialized formulations: Wellabs offers a variety of specialized supplements, such as their thyroid support, brain and memory booster, and immune system support, that are formulated with specific combinations of natural ingredients to address specific health needs.
  2. High-quality ingredients: Wellabs uses only high-quality, natural ingredients in their products, which are free from harmful additives and chemicals.
  3. Transparency and information: Wellabs provides detailed information about their products and ingredients on their website, as well as informative blog articles on various health topics.
  4. Customer support: Wellabs offers excellent customer support, with a responsive and helpful customer service team.
  5. Positive customer reviews: Wellabs has received many positive customer reviews, with customers reporting noticeable improvements in their health and well-being after using their supplements.

Wellabs Chlorophyll Drops Review

When you think of chlorophyll[3], you probably think of plants, which makes sense. Chlorophyll is what gives them their lively green color. Get in on the action with Wellabs Chlorophyll Drops! Its key ingredient is sodium copper chlorophyllin, which is from natural chlorophyll.

Ingredients label

Wellabs Chlorophyll Drops contains the following ingredients:

  • Sodium copper chlorophyllin: a derivative from natural chlorophyll, which is found in plants
  • Purified Water: this ingredient simply adds fluidity to the product for easier consumption
  • Vegetable Glycerin: a clear liquid that offers a hint of sweetness, made from plant oils
  • Citric Acid: an organic compound found naturally in citrus fruits
  • Potassium Sorbate: a chemical preservative
  • Stevia: a sugar substitute derived from the stevia plant
  • Natural Flavors

Nutritional Value

Wellabs Chlorophyll Drops contain 50mg of chlorophyll. This product has no caloric or nutritional value, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its benefits! I’ll explore these below.


Wellabs Chlorophyll Drops have the following benefits:

  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Natural deodorant

How Does It Work

This product helps to cleanse your body from the inside out thanks to one key ingredient:

  • Chlorophyll: Although you might know that plants contain chlorophyll, what you might not know is that chlorophyll has benefits for humans, too. One of its main claims[4] to fame is that it is known to be a potent anti-cancer agent. This is partly thanks to its ability[5] to act as an antioxidant

Chlorophyll can also act as a natural deodorant, working from the inside out. One study[6] shows that patients with trimethylaminuria, a condition that causes unpleasant body odor, experienced an improvement in their scent after taking a supplement containing chlorophyll for three weeks.

How to Take & Dosage

Protect your cells and deodorize your body from the inside out with these drops! Mix a couple of drops in with a glass of water or your favorite juice. 

The product retails for $25. If you try the product and end up loving it, you can subscribe and save 15% on each order.

Customers say: “My skin started clearing up. Less and less dark marks and acne on my face even when that time of the month came around. I definitely had energy as well. I usually would buy me a energy drink before I went to work but when I started the chlorophyll I no longer needed a energy drink anymore.

Wellabs Biotin & Collagen Drops Review

Collagen has been gaining a ton of attention in recent years, so it’s no wonder that Wellabs Biotin and Collagen Drops is one of their most popular products! If you’re looking for something to improve your skin, hair, and nails, consider picking up this product.

Ingredients Label

Wellabs Biotin and Collagen Drops contain the following ingredients:

  • Biotin: a member of the B vitamin family, this ingredient is important for the body’s breakdown of fats, carbs, and proteins
  • Bovine Collagen Peptides Type I, III: collagen is the most abundant protein in the body – it’s found in your connective tissues, skin, bones, and more 
  • Purified Water: this ingredient simply adds fluidity to the product for easier consumption
  • Vegetable Glycerin: a clear liquid that offers a hint of sweetness, made from plant oils
  • Citric Acid: an organic compound found naturally in citrus fruits
  • Potassium Sorbate: a chemical preservative
  • Raspberry Natural Flavor

Nutritional Value

Wellabs Biotin and Collagen Drops contain 5,000mcg of biotin and 10,000mcg of collagen peptides. Like the other drops, this product has no caloric or nutritional value, so it’s no substitute for breakfast!


This product can help to promote healthier hair, skin, and nails. It seems almost too good to be true that a few drops of a supplement can improve your beauty. But, the key ingredients in this product are all backed by science. Let’s take a closer look at how they work below.

How Does It Work

This product helps to promote healthier hair, skin and nails by combining the following key ingredients:

  • Biotin: What does this B vitamin have to do with beauty? Well, it has been shown that deficiency of this vitamin can contribute[7] to brittle nails, unruly hair, and skin rashes[8]. If you’re deficient in biotin, a supplement can make a real difference
  • Type I Collagen: this type of collagen is present[9] in the highest amounts in the body, and plays a role in supporting the body’s tissues and membranes. Studies[10] have shown that oral collagen supplements can help with skin hydration and elasticity
  • Type III Collagen: this type of collagen is the second-highest found in the body, and has various structural roles[11]

As you can see, the ingredients in Wellabs Biotin and Collagen Drops have a real, biological impact. 

How to Take & Dosage

To see the results for yourself, take two drops per day applied directly onto your tongue.

Get your hands on this product and improve the overall condition of your skin, hair, and nails now for only $24. As with all of Wellabs’ products, you can subscribe and save 15% on each order.

Customers say: “I have been using this product for about 2 months now, it taste good and it’s super easy to use. I have seen a slight improvement in my hair and skin.”

Wellabs Testosterone Booster Review

This one’s for the guys! If you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels to increase your gains in the gym, increase your libido, or prevent hair loss, Wellabs Testosterone Booster can help. This product has a few key ingredients, which we’ll get into below: 

Ingredients label

Wellabs Testosterone Booster contains the following ingredients:

  • Calcium: a mineral that helps keep your teeth and bones healthy, and also has an important role in blood clotting and muscle contraction
  • Proprietary Blend: Horny Goat Weed Extract, Tongkat Ali Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Orchic Substance, Wild Yam Extract, Sarsaparilla Extract, Nettle Extract, Boron Amino Acid Chelate
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose: an inactive ingredient that simply adds bulk to the product (otherwise you’d be swallowing a super tiny capsule!)
  • Magnesium Stearate: a powder that helps the active ingredients move down the digestive tract
  • Sodium Starch Glycolate: allows for quick disintegration of the capsule in your body

Nutritional Value

Wellabs Testosterone Booster contains 617mg of calcium, which is 47% of your daily recommended intake! It also contains 1,484mg of their proprietary blend.


Wellabs Testosterone Booster can boost your testosterone levels, resulting in less hair thinning, less body fat, and improved libido.

How Does It Work

This product helps to boost testosterone levels thanks to the following key ingredients in their proprietary blend:

  • Horn goat weed leaf: this ingredient has been used as a traditional medicine to treat erectile dysfunction for centuries. While studies[12] conducted on humans are lacking, anecdotal evidence suggests that the horn goat weed really works to boost testosterone levels
  • Saw palmetto: like the horn goat weed leaf, saw palmetto has long been used as a herbal remedy. One study[13] showed that saw palmetto can inhibit an enzyme that converts testosterone to another hormone, therefore preserving and boosting existing testosterone levels. 
  • Tongkat Ali: commonly known as “Malaysian ginseng”, this ingredient has been shown to boost testosterone and act as an aphrodisiac. One study[14] showed that men with hypogonadism, a condition where very few sex hormones are produced, who took tongkat ali extract for one month experienced increased testosterone levels

How to Take & Dosage

The brand recommends taking two capsules at the beginning of your day or before your workout to maximize its benefits. 

Increase your testosterone levels naturally with Wellabs Testosterone Booster for only $18

Who Is Wellabs For? 

Wellabs Review

Most of Wellabs’ products can be taken by both children and adults who have vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or who are simply looking to top up their levels for maximum health.

Of course, there are some products, such as the Wellabs Testosterone Booster, that should only be taken by adults. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements that could alter your health.

Side Effects

Wellabs Review

As with any supplement, some side effects can occur when using Wellabs’ products. However, this depends on the type of product, and there are dozens offered by Wellabs.

To learn more about the specific product that you choose, and any side effects that may come with them, head over to Wellabs’ website

What Do Experts Think?

Sadly, there aren’t many expert reviews specifically about Wellabs. Independent research has been conducted on their ingredients, as mentioned earlier in this Wellabs review, but that’s as close as we can get to an expert opinion on the brand.


While Wellabs has a huge product selection, there are other brands whose supplements you may find more helpful. Here are three:

Olly Vitamins: Tasty, affordable vitamins offered through Walmart and Amazon.

Care/Of: Personalized multivitamins that fit customer’s lifestyles and nutrition. All vitamins are delivered directly to customers.

GEM Vitamins: Vitamins whose ingredients come from whole foods. They’re a great alternative if you aren’t hungry enough to get your essential vitamins and minerals from a standard diet.

Wellabs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wellabs Review

At first glance, Wellabs’ products appear to be backed by ingredients proven by research, and they offer quite a range. What really matters is if the products work. Does the brand deliver on its claims?

To find out, I took to the internet to check out Wellabs reviews from real customers as of April 2023 with a focus on their best-selling product: the Biotin and Collagen Drops:

  • Wellabs: 4.9/5 stars from more than 5,800 reviews
  • Best View Reviews: 9.9/10 from more than 4,880 reviews. 

Out of that many reviews on the Wellabs website, I found that there were only three one-star reviews. Clearly, customers are loving the product.

One happy customer said: “I’ve been thrilled with this product! I had been losing so much hair, so I started taking liquid biotin and collagen daily. After a couple of months, I had all these baby hairs coming back in, and my shedding has decreased significantly! Definitely pleased with the results!” 

Another customer said: “This liquid collagen supplement has been a game-changer for my hair, nails, and joints, and I have been using it for over a year now, and it has made a huge difference in my life! I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

This Wellabs review found that the brand is not BBB accredited. However, reviews from around the web seem to point to the fact that the products are not only affordable and research-based, but effective as well.

Is Wellabs Worth It?

Wellabs Review

Based on the affordability of Wellabs’ products, the range that they cover, and the thousands of positive customer reviews, this Wellabs review believes their products are worth it.

Whether you’re looking for a supplement to help your hair grow, boost your testosterone, or improve your vitamin D levels, Wellabs can help.

Wellabs Promotions & Discounts 

Wellabs Review

While writing my Wellabs review, I found that the brand is currently hosting a sale that offers up to 50% off all of their products, along with free US shipping. You can also sign up for their newsletter and get 15% off your first order.

Additionally, they always offer a subscribe and save option, where you can save 15% on each order, and they offer a buy 3 get 1 free discount when you order 4 of any of the same items. You can also buy bundles of different products and get a discount on your entire order.

Where to Buy Wellabs

Wellabs Review

This Wellabs review found that their products are currently for sale only through their website.


Wellabs Review

Is Wellabs vegan?

While writing this Wellabs review, I found that the brand formulates its products without the use of dairy or eggs—which suggests that its products are vegan-friendly.

Is Wellabs gluten-free?

Yes, Wellabs products are formulated without gluten!

What is Wellabs’ Shipping Policy?

Wellabs ships to a long list of countries, including all of North America. This Wellabs review found that the shipping cost varies based on your location:

  • US: $8, or free for orders over $50
  • Canada, South Korea, UK, Mexico: $12, or free for orders over $100
  • Japan: $15, or free for orders over $200
  • All other countries: $12

Orders are processed within 24 hours of payment and can take up to 10 business days to arrive at your doorstep. Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number so you can follow its journey to you.

What is Wellabs’ Return Policy?

Wellabs is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Plus, you get to keep the product! To get your refund, simply email the company or call their customer support line.

How to Contact Wellabs

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this Wellabs review, you can contact the brand using one of the following methods:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Online Form:

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