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Cerebral Review

Despite the increasing conversations about mental health, there are still great stigmas and barriers preventing individuals from receiving the quality support they need. Be it issues with convenience, cost, or fears about stereotypes and negative feedback, there are many roadblocks on the path to getting help. 

One study[1] demonstrated that shame and stigma were the main reasons that people were unable to access mental health treatment. Fortunately, with the digitization of many resources, mental health support can be made more accessible.

If you are looking for an online help platform, you can subscribe to Cerebral (also known as Get Cerebral). It gives you tools for managing your medication and treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

With a flat-rate monthly subscription, you can receive evidence-based therapeutic care and medication management. Cerebral mental health follows a telemedicine model, letting you schedule visits with your care provider at your convenience.

Telemedicine[2] is particularly good for mental healthcare, as physical exams are usually not needed for these sorts of issues.

Not only will Cerebral give you the care you need much faster, but it also follows data-driven progress tracking. Routine check-in calls with a care manager and standardized metrics will track your progress and keep you connected to your clinical team.

Cerebral also works with traditional therapy because comprehensive care is all about what is best for you. Medication may not be the first choice for many patients.

One study[3] showed that providing patients with the choice to forgo mental health medication actually increased their motivation to recover from their illness. The company supports clients in this way by providing several options for traditional psychotherapy.y have several partners.

All the prescription medication providers are licensed in the same state as their clients. This means that you don’t need a prescription to use Cerebral. Unfortunately, this also means that a few of their services are only available in certain states, but they are always expanding. 

This Cerebral review will lead you through everything you need to know about the brand. We will look at pricing, comparisons, customer reviews, and find answers to the most frequently asked questions, to help you determine if it’s the right fit. 

Armed with the mission to improve accessibility to anxiety and depression treatments, Dr. Ho Anh and Kyle Robertson created Cerebral at the beginning of 2020.

The telehealth business was designed to surpass the typical hurdles that prevent individuals from seeking the help they need. With more individuals needing help[4] than ever before, mitigating these barriers is becoming more urgent.

Robertson was driven by his own experiences with the internalized stigma that prevented him from seeking treatment, an issue faced by many. One study[5] found that 35% of people suffering from mental illness deal with internalized stigma, which was associated with worse symptoms.

Robertson also felt deterred by high costs, long wait times, and the frustrating journey of trying to find the right healthcare provider. Wait times in particular can be brutal: many patients wait weeks for just an intake appointment and often wait weeks more after that to access services.

Dr. Anh and Robertson met through a mutual friend, and together, they began investigating why people fell through the cracks in mental health treatment. Ultimately, they decided that there needs to be a new model of care that puts accessibility first, and together, they created Cerebral.

Initially, Cerebral therapy only covered seven states: California, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida. Now, care for anxiety, depression, and insomnia is available in nearly every state. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

Now, before we go into the details about the mental health tool, this Cerebral review will go over the general pros and cons:


  • Accessibility: Cerebral offers convenient access to mental health care from the comfort of your own home. You can connect with licensed mental health professionals through video visits or messaging, eliminating the need for in-person appointments and reducing barriers to seeking help.
  • Comprehensive Care: Cerebral provides a comprehensive approach to mental health care. They offer therapy sessions, medication management, and personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. This integrated approach can enhance the effectiveness of treatment by addressing both therapy and medication aspects.
  • Qualified Providers: Cerebral works with licensed psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, and counselors who have expertise in mental health. This ensures that you receive care from qualified professionals who can diagnose, treat, and support you effectively.
  • Affordability: Cerebral offers different membership plans that can make mental health care more affordable for individuals. They may provide access to therapy sessions and medication management at a lower cost compared to traditional in-person services.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: With Cerebral, you have flexibility in scheduling appointments that work for you. You can often choose between video visits or messaging options, allowing you to communicate with your provider based on your preferences and schedule.


  • Limited In-person Interaction: As a telehealth service, Cerebral primarily relies on remote communication methods such as video visits and messaging. While this offers convenience, it may not provide the same level of personal interaction and connection as face-to-face therapy sessions.
  • Technology Dependence: Using Cerebral’s telehealth service requires a stable internet connection and access to compatible devices such as smartphones or computers. Technical issues or connectivity problems may disrupt the continuity of care or limit access for some individuals.
  • Lack of Physical Examination: In some cases, a physical examination may be necessary to assess certain mental health conditions or evaluate potential side effects of medications. With telehealth services like Cerebral, the provider’s ability to conduct physical examinations is limited.
  • Insurance Coverage Limitations: While Cerebral strives to make mental health care more accessible and affordable, insurance coverage may vary. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to understand what services are covered and what costs you may be responsible for.
  • Not Suitable for Crisis Situations: Cerebral’s telehealth service is designed for non-emergency mental health care. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or have immediate safety concerns, it’s important to reach out to emergency services or seek in-person care.


Cerebral Review

Cerebral offers a range of features as part of its telehealth service:

  1. Online Consultations: Cerebral allows individuals to have virtual consultations with licensed mental health professionals. These consultations can take place through secure video visits, providing a convenient and confidential way to connect with a provider from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Therapy Sessions: Cerebral offers therapy sessions with licensed therapists and counselors. These sessions can be conducted through video visits, allowing individuals to engage in therapy from the comfort of their own homes. Cerebral’s therapists are experienced in various therapeutic approaches and can provide support for a wide range of mental health concerns.
  3. Medication Management: Cerebral’s telehealth service includes medication management for individuals who may benefit from psychiatric medications. Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are available to assess medication needs, prescribe medications when appropriate, and monitor their effectiveness through regular follow-ups.
  4. Personalized Treatment Plans: Cerebral creates personalized treatment plans for individuals based on their specific mental health needs. These plans take into account various factors such as symptoms, goals, and preferences. The treatment plans may include a combination of therapy, medication management, and other supportive interventions.
  5. Messaging and Support: In addition to video visits, Cerebral offers messaging capabilities for individuals to communicate with their care team. This feature allows individuals to ask questions, share updates, and receive support between appointments. It provides a convenient way to stay connected with the care team and address ongoing concerns.
  6. Care Coordination: Cerebral emphasizes care coordination and collaboration among its providers. Different members of the care team, such as therapists and psychiatrists, work together to ensure holistic and integrated care. This coordination helps ensure that individuals receive comprehensive support and that their treatment is aligned across different aspects of their mental health care.
  7. Educational Resources: Cerebral provides educational resources and information on various mental health topics. These resources may include articles, guides, and tools to help individuals understand their mental health conditions, learn coping strategies, and develop skills for self-care.
  8. Membership Plans: Cerebral offers different membership plans to make mental health care more accessible and affordable. These plans may provide access to therapy sessions, medication management, and other services at a reduced cost compared to traditional in-person care.

How Does Cerebral Work?

Cerebral Review

Depending on your location, Cerebral can provide long-term online care and medication for anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Cerebral counseling is designed to cut the long wait lines and bring immediate care to you from wherever you are most comfortable.

You can fill out an online form about your symptoms, and then choose one of the three subscription options. Keep in mind, Cerebral medication prescriptions and treatment options vary by state. 

Cerebral Mental Health Review 

Cerebral Mental Health Review

Cerebral is, first and foremost, a telemedicine tool to bring you the help you need virtually and as easily as possible. Still, it’s only natural that you might harbor some hesitations around opening up about your mental health and personal information. It has been shown that stigma and shame[6] are some of the greatest barriers to choosing to get help.

To help put your mind at ease, this Cerebral review will answer some big questions about the company before delving into the subscription plans and customer reviews. Stick around to the end where we will give our final verdict! 

Does Cerebral Prescribe Xanax?

Cerebral Review

Xanax is often used to treat anxiety disorders, calming the central nervous system by boosting the effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)[7].

This is beneficial because when GABA levels get too low in the body, it can be difficult to relax. Xanax can make you feel relaxed but, studies[8] have shown that it can also be addictive. Since it is a common and proven anxiety medication, Cerebral can prescribe Xanax.

Before giving you a prescription, the provider would look at your personal and medical history to find the best option for you. You will also need to meet monthly to check on your medication management. There is no easy cure so it is definitely a process, but Cerebral’s experts would be with you every step of the way. 

Does Cerebral Take Medicare?

Cerebral Review

Yes! This Cerebral review found that the brand does participate in insurance plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Since the subscriptions can be rather costly, this is one route to alleviate the financial burden.

Unfortunately, there might be cases where the services are not eligible under your health insurance. If that is the case, you would need to pay 100% of the total amount, but Cerebral recently introduced their Money Back plan. You can get reimbursed by your insurer for 30-60% of your monthly plan. 

  1. Give Cerebral your insurance information in your Account tab 
  2. Cerebral will submit the claims to your insurer 
  3. If you qualify for a reimbursement, your insurer will send you a cheque in the mail after each monthly payment 

You must attend all your meetings with your provider and therapist or Care Counselor to be eligible for the reimbursements. 

Who Is Cerebral For? 

Cerebral Review

Cerebral is available for all individuals 18 years and older who feel that they have symptoms of anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Their model is designed for long-term care and treatment. 

That being said, Cerebral is not for everyone. Individuals with schizophrenia, substance abuse issues, and those who are pregnant or nursing are advised to schedule an in-person appointment with a psychiatrist. 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, call 1-800-273-8255, a 24-hour helpline available anywhere in the United States. 

Comparison: Cerebral vs. Felix

Cerebral Review

Another digital healthcare company is Felix Health. While FH is Canadian and Cerebral is American, both can give you medication without needing to go see a doctor or psychiatrist in person.

You’ll find that there are many similarities between these brands: both are available for individuals 18 years and older, shipping is free, and prescriptions are given by licensed prescribing providers. That’s where the similarities end though. 

You need to pay for a consultation with Felix Health and need to show a previous diagnosis or prescription, too. While some clients can appreciate how you don’t need to have a video or phone call (instead, simply fill out a detailed quiz), this is not beneficial for individuals who do not have a previous prescription

Also, Felix Health is designed to provide a wide range of common medications, such as acne treatments, migraine medicines, and especially medication you might feel awkward walking into the pharmacy to pick up—like something for erectile dysfunction. 

Cerebral, meanwhile, is specifically for mental health. Besides the fact that Canadians can’t even access this American service and vice versa, Cerebral is fundamentally a different tool. Its primary goal is to provide you with accessible and affordable mental health treatment, which is often a combination of medication and therapy or counseling, while Felix Health offers a range of prescriptions.

How Much Is Cerebral?

Cerebral Review

Three subscription plans recently underwent pricing changes in favor of more affordability. This section of our Cerebral review will provide a detailed overview of what the brand offers. You will also have the opportunity to deeply discuss each option with the care provider. 

First, we have the Medication + Care Counselling Plan. For $85 per month, this subscription is the most affordable compared to the other two—especially for those paying out of pocket. With this plan, you will receive ongoing phone and video calls, as well as unlimited team messaging with your provider. 

You will also have monthly video or phone calls with your Care Counselor to discuss mindfulness, stress management, and other behavioural therapy techniques. On top of that, the plan covers the cost of your medication delivery. 

The next plan is Medication + Therapy. We found that this option is the most expensive and offered in the least number of locations, as you need to be paired with a licensed therapist. 

At $325 per month, the subscription includes all of the Medication + Care Counselling Plan, plus weekly video or phone calls with your therapist, instead of with your counselor. 

Finally, if you don’t need or want medication, you can choose the Therapy-Only Plan. Similar to the previous options, you will have weekly phone or video calls with your therapist, but you won’t receive medication. 

An ‘in-network patient’ is only $29 for any plan per month. You would also receive insurance deductible costs and copays on your medication.

Cerebral Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cerebral Review

The biggest question about any subscription tool is: Can I trust this to work? After scouring the internet for feedback from independent blogs and critique sites like Trustpilot, we found that most customers have nothing but positive things to say about the company’s services as of June 2023. 

From 672 reviews on Trustpilot, Cerebral has an average score of 3.9/5 with 69% of people giving the brand an ‘excellent’ rating. Clients say that communication with the brand is easy and fast, and that they often feel better after their sessions

One subscriber wrote, “I find Cerebral extremely convenient and helpful. I feel very hopeful regarding my mental health for the first time in a long time. My Cerebral provider really listened to me and was open to what I was saying about my past experiences with medication. He completely took my past experiences into account when prescribing medication. I also really appreciate my therapist. Choosing Cerebral was the right choice.”

Another echoed this sentiment, “I was at first skeptical being that everything is via cellphone. However, my care team has made me feel listened to, welcomed, and thoroughly cared for my mental health.” 

Many find the sign-up process to be easy and straightforward. The Cerebral app, available on IOS and Android, is smooth, and any issues are quickly resolved through their customer service team. 

A reviewer from USA Rx Research and Reviews found that Cerebral is an incredibly simple and effective all-in-one service. It organizes your appointments and keeps your meetings consistent without giving you a headache planning for them.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about getting your medication on time with their subscription model. In the end, he writes, “We say go for it, because Cerebral is definitely toward the top of our list!” 

Unfortunately, there are also many criticisms around the refund process and lack of care for specific mental health issues. Additionally, several customers said that Cerebral was actively asking them to remove their bad reviews, even after the issue was resolved. 

While Cerebral seems to be a general mental health support, it best serves individuals with anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia symptoms. It is not designed nor equipped for certain other conditions, as outlined in its FAQ. 

The advertising should be more clear too, since several customers were confused by how they were not paired with a therapist. The Medication + Care Counselling Plan is different from the Medication + Therapy Plan, but the wording might be a little confusing! 

Is Cerebral Worth It?

Cerebral Review

This Cerebral review has to consider a few deciding factors. For example, if you do not have insurance and need to pay for medication out of pocket, this can be an expensive service. And in that case, Cerebral could cost around the same as traditional therapy. 

If cost is not your biggest concern, then Cerebral has many benefits and breaks the barriers around seeking help. With the three different subscription plans, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose the most convenient option. 

If you have insurance, Cerebral would be absolutely worth it. For $29 you can receive any of the three subscriptions, meaning that you can get weekly professional therapy for a very slim fraction of the usual price. Most medication could be covered too.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel on a whim since they are all monthly commitments. But if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia symptoms and you are unable to seek traditional therapy, then you should consider Cerebral. 

So, given that Cerebral is such an easy-to-use tool that overcomes many hurdles typically experienced when seeking traditional therapy, this Cerebral review finds that it is, indeed, worth it for the demographics they target—especially if the things stopping you from seeking treatment are the cost, stigma, and wait-times. 

Cerebral Promotions & Discounts 

Cerebral Review

While there are no active coupons or promo codes, we found that there is a limited-time offer for $30 off your first month of care!

Sign Up For Cerebral

Cerebral Review

It is very easy to sign up, and you can easily do so from the Cerebral app or website: 

  1. Create an account 
  2. Take the short emotional assessment 
  3. Choose the plan that best suits your needs 
  4. Speak with a professional about your treatment plan 


There are several brand alternatives to Cerebral in the telehealth space that offer mental health services. Here are some notable alternatives:

  1. Talkspace: Talkspace is a popular telehealth platform that provides online therapy with licensed therapists. They offer text, audio, and video messaging options, allowing individuals to connect with their therapists in a way that suits their preferences. Talkspace also offers specialized therapy services for couples and teens.
  2. Brightside: Brightside is a telehealth platform that focuses on medication management for mental health conditions. They connect individuals with psychiatric providers who assess their needs, prescribe medications if necessary, and offer ongoing monitoring and support. Brightside combines virtual appointments with personalized treatment plans.


Cerebral Review

Who owns Cerebral? 

Cerebral was co-founded by Dr. Anh and Robertson. David Mou is currently the CEO of the company. 

How do I cancel my Cerebral subscription?

Since Cerebral is a monthly subscription, you can only cancel for the following month(s) and not in the middle of a scheduled period. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Email [email protected] by 9 AM PT at least one business day before your next scheduled billing date
  2. You should receive an email with a cancellation form to complete and submit  
  3. After your cancellation is processed, you should receive a confirmation from a coordinator. If you don’t, then your account is still active 

What is Cerebral’s Shipping Policy?

The delivery cost for medication is included in the Medication + Care Counselling or Medication + Therapy plans, but the medication itself might not be covered. This all depends on your insurance situation; there are two main options. 

If you are with a major health insurance company recognized by Cerebral, you have ‘In-Network’ Insurance so the medication costs can be covered based on your co-pays or deductibles. Better yet, you will only need to pay $29 for any of the plans.

If you do not have insurance, you will need to pay for the medications yourself separately from the monthly plan price, but shipping is still covered. Keep in mind, the Medication + Care Counselling or Medication + Therapy plans are not offered in every state.

What is Cerebral’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds or returns, especially as federal law prohibits pharmacies from accepting returns or exchanges for prescription medication. But if you receive the wrong medication or notice an issue with your order, contact [email protected]

How to contact Cerebral

You can easily contact Cerebral in several different ways. Besides the specific inquiries for setting up your account or asking questions, you can call them at 415-403-2156 or email [email protected]

They are available Monday to Friday, from 6 AM–6 PM PT and on weekends from 7 AM–4 PM. For non-urgent questions, you can also fill out a Message Form on their website. 

If you’re looking for other online health & wellness brands? Check out EverywellMyLab Box, Simple Health and LetsGetChecked.

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Please READ before subscribing to Cerebral - Buyer BEWARE!
3 years ago Reply

They treated me like a drug addict for just asking for a refill for the benzo that I had been prescribed for many years, they would not give it to me. They tried to push antidepressants even after I told them I would never take another one again. They have no empathy for anyone experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, they think that therapy is the answer, when their therapists were not great. I had this same experience with not only one of their doctors but 3 and 3 therapists as well. They lack communication overall as a company and don’t take responsibility for their bad business practices. They never respond on their message board and when you call in everyone is always confused and tell you they will call you back but never do so nothing ever gets accomplished, it is extremely frustrating. I spent months giving them a chance but they ended up not helping me but making me more stressed and made me to feel as if I was untreatable as they told me they could not help me and told me to go elsewhere. Yeah they kicked me out! They promised me a final round of my prescriptions while closing my account but they never sent them so I was left going cold turkey off the meds. If they cared like they claim they do then they wouldn’t have done this. They are only out for the money so beware!

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