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About Folx Health

Folx Health Review

Folx Health may be a young company but they are moving quickly to empower LGBTQ+ people with the resources they need to succeed in their gender transition

They’ve already earned over 37k Instagram followers as well as gracing the pages of Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Fast Company, and Forbes

This Folx Health review will run through everything you need to know about the company so that you can assess whether they’re worth your time, money, and support.

Overview of Folx Health

Folx Health Review

A.G. Breitenstein formed Folx Health in May 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. Despite being so new, they’ve gotten over $25m in funding from sponsors who believe in the company’s vision.

They are an intermediary healthcare company that connects LGBTQ+ with clinicians and healthcare providers

Many of the products the company offers through their Folx Health subscriptions aim to break down the barriers surrounding gender transitioning. These barriers include distance, money, and lack of available options. 

With that in mind, this next portion of our Folx Health review will highlight what the brand does right, as well as what could use some improvement (hint: not much, it looks like they’re doing a pretty great job so far).


  • Offers subscription plans for those seeking HRT medications
  • Supplies several sexuality-related products
  • Provides one-on-one consultations with health experts
  • Inconspicuous shipping labels
  • More affordable than paying out of pocket or using traditional insurance 
  • Insightful articles on the site about the trans and queer experience

Folx Health connects customers with the care that they need, whether that’s gender and healthcare specialists, prescription HRT medications, or other sexuality-related services.

They also publish articles on their website that cover and celebrate the LGBTQ+ experience, which can be illuminating for people who aren’t currently well-educated on the topic.

Folx Health Subscription Review

This section of our Folx Health review concerns the company’s two best-selling subscription plans for estrogen and testosterone.

Folx Health Estrogen Review

Folx Health Estrogen Review
Folx Health Estrogen

The base Folx Health Estrogen subscription includes estradiol pills. These pills should be taken orally every day, with that daily dosage being determined by your own particular situation and at the behest of a healthcare expert.

The plan offers other estrogen products, like Folx Health Injectable Estradiol Valerate (which you would take on a weekly basis), Folx Health Injectable Estradiol Cypionate (often only used if regular valerate isn’t available), and a Folx Health Estradiol Patch that you would use every 3-4 days.

The costs for these additional estrogen products are as follows:

  • Injectable Estradiol Valerate, $106 monthly
  • Injectable Estradiol Cypionate, $126 monthly
  • Estradiol Patch, $126 monthly

Folx Health also offers testosterone blockers like spironolactone, finasteride, and dutasteride. Folx charges $19, $9, and $17 per month for each product respectively. 

Lastly, you can also add progesterone pills to your plan to lower your testosterone count. Add Prometrium for $18 a month, or Provera for $13 per month. Easy as that.

Folx Health Testosterone Review

Folx Health Testosterone Review
Folx Health Testosterone

The standard Folx Health Testosterone plan delivers weekly doses of Folx Health Injectable Testosterone Cypionate, the most readily available testosterone injection in America. 

Each shipment includes needles and other required paraphernalia.

You can also add Folx Health Injectable Testosterone Enanthate for an additional $30 every month. This is a less frequently used version of injectable testosterone. 

The needle-adverse among us can pick up Folx Health Testosterone Gel Pump for $57 per month, circumventing the need for needles in order to deliver testosterone through the skin.

Folx Health Virtual Care Review 

Folx Health Virtual Care Review
Folx Health Virtual Care

Every Folx Health Virtual Care consultation is a private, one-on-one session with a registered healthcare professional. They’ll take you through any questions you have, what to expect when you begin HRT, and provide guidance along the way.

All of the professionals are trained to discuss topics like families, bodyweight issues, diet and nutrition, human sexuality, sexually transmitted infections, family planning, and fertility.

Each Folx Health Virtual Care session costs $39.

Folx Health PrEP Daily HIV Prevention Pill Review

Folx Health PrEP Daily HIV Prevention Pill Review
Folx Health PrEP Daily HIV Prevention Pill

The Folx Health PrEP Daily HIV Prevention Pill, for those who aren’t aware, does exactly what its product name implies. 

It is a daily pill for HIV-negative people that has a high HIV prevention rate. This makes it ideal if your partner is HIV-positive, or if you would like to live without the stress of possibly acquiring HIV. 

But there are even more people who may benefit from this item. This product is ideal for people who frequently share needles and other injection paraphernalia with others, which is important because shared needles are an oft-forgotten HIV transmission method.

A 3-month supply of the daily pill is charged on a monthly basis and costs $90.

Folx Health Erectile Medication Review

Folx Health Erectile Medication Review
Folx Health Erectile Medication

This Folx Health review reports that the brand offers three different erectile dysfunction medications, all of which address different issues. 

The first option is a sildenafil pill. It should begin working in half an hour and keep you in a state to perform for 4 to 6 hours. Every dose costs $3.

Then there’s the daily tadalafil pill which you would take every day so that you’re primed to hop in the sheets at a moment’s notice. Since you would ingest this pill daily, it’s a lower dosage than the other tadalafil product Folx Health offers. You can get a single dose for $7

Finally, the company also sells a single-use tadalafil alternative. This item can get you going in 30 minutes and keep you going for up to 36 hours. Wow. Like its daily counterpart, a single dost is $7.

Who Is Folx Health For? 

Folx Health Review

Folx Health can serve a wide variety of clients because of their different plans that cater to those who are currently undergoing HRT or who want to begin their gender transition. 

Our Folx Health review also found that the company is good for people with certain sexual health-related issues like erectile dysfunction and HIV prevention.

Finally, the brand is ideal for customers who are located in areas where it’s difficult to locate reputable clinicians to help them out.

How Does Folx Health Work? 

Folx Health Review

We wouldn’t be shocked if you felt overwhelmed by the brand’s process. Medications, prescriptions, consultations, and subscription fees sound like a discombobulated numeric nightmare. Fortunately, the entire procedure is surprisingly straightforward. It runs something like this:

  1. You select your desired medication
  2. You provide the company with the necessary information
  3. Folx Health handles the task of locating and communicating with a healthcare provider that can suit your needs
  4. The company facilitates your order shipment

And that’s it! Could it be any easier?

Each Folx Health Subscription plan includes some components we haven’t touched on yet, like prescription refill reminders, letters to orchestrate a name change, and at-home lab kits (if you deem them necessary). 

Our Folx Health review found that all of the brand’s plans are HSA/FSA eligible and that they do not require insurance.  

How Much Does Folx Health Cost? 

Folx Health Review

There are two types of Folx Health plans, Folx Start/Restart and Folx Maintenance. This Folx Health review will provide a quick rundown of how each subscription plan works, and cover their associated costs.

Folx Start/Restart

  • Costs as little as $139 per month
  • Consultations with healthcare experts are based on beginning treatment
  • Quarterly check-ins with clinicians
  • You can switch to the Folx Maintenance plan after one year on the Folx Start/Restart plan
  • For people who are new to HRT (i.e. those who have been taking the medication for less than a year) or those who are restarting their HRT after over 6 months away

Folx Maintenance

  • Prices begin at $89 per month
  • Aimed at customers who have spent a year taking HRT
  • Annual check-ins with clinicians
  • Annual lab tests 

Here’s what the two subscriptions have in common:

  1. Your prescriptions are delivered right to you
  2. You can contact your clinicians at anytime
  3. Automatic product refills
  4. Folx packages the most common medications associated with each plan, but you can access additional prescriptions for an additional cost

Folx Health Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Folx Health Review

Our Folx Health review wouldn’t be legit if it didn’t consider the crucial input of the company’s customers, so we’ve pulled some of the most enlightening firsthand accounts with their products so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the brand.

The company has earned a solid rating on Facebook. There, they hold a 4/5-star average based on 20 customer reviews. 

This fan complimented Folx Health’s simple process and validating experience with a company professional: “It was super easy to sign up. The questionnaire was very affirming. The knowledgeable doctor who treated me like an expert in my own transition. fast shipping and everything arrived in perfect condition.

They weren’t the only ones who praised the Folx Health clinician team, as this review states: “The doctors are super friendly and helpful! It comes with everything you need including the syringes and bandages and gauze pads if you’re allergic to bandaids!

Another user touched upon the company’s great dosage levels. They said, “I was able to tell my practitioner that I was not seeing efficient results during that time and I am not really comfortable with IM. I am now on SubQ (which if you are terrified of needles I highly suggest), and my dosage is almost double what I was originally given. They box the prescription so beautifully.” 

Furthermore, Folx Health’s shipment strategy saves clients from potentially debilitating experiences associated with doctor’s visits: “Saves gas, saves money, and honestly it saves my mental stability. I don’t have to prepare myself to go into a dr’s clinic and expect to be constantly misgendered every time I’m there.

What’s the one thing everyone likes about delivery services? Speed! This fan agrees, saying,”I was surprised at how easy and accessible things have come from modern days. I was ordering, talking to my physician and getting my mail with my order before I knew it.

Let’s return to the company’s passionate expert team. Many clients found their experiences to be therapeutic:

The whole team is super supportive and here to help folks thrive their best lives. How great to have a clinician who isn’t just willing but enthusiastic about providing trans care, and so convenient to bypass pharmacy drama and just gets meds and supplies delivered to my home. This is a service trans and non-binary people have needed  for a long time.

Even their articles were helpful at explaining the trans experience for cis people: “I checked out the site,  looked through their article library,  read some background online,  and I’m very impressed! anybody interested in trans healthcare, HRT,  etc. should check this out.

Now that we’ve rung everything we could out of the Folx Health Facebook page, we’ll consult what Reddit users said about the brand. This commenter summed up their thoughts on the company: “Really kind staff! Customer support is great. Everything gets shipped to your house Blood labs are quick and easy Entire process took about a day.” 

That same user further explained how simple the process was: “It’s fairly straightforward honestly. You pay, get your package, and it has everything you need included (needles, etc).”

It seems like Facebook wasn’t the only hub celebrating the company’s expert consultants. This customer was full of praise for Folx Health experts: “The doctor I met with for a video chat was so nice and affirming, unlike any other doctor interactions I’ve had.”

Lastly, this Folx Health review combed through their Instagram for more insight. One user complimented the company for partnering with intersex rights activist River Gallo, saying, “Who is this radically, wonderful individual? Send them my love, if you could?

For some, Folx Health provided the outlet necessary to get them restarted on their gender transition. “Y’all are amazing. I tried doing hrt when I was 18 but I kept hitting the wall. I gave up and then years later (now) I’m finally starting,” wrote one reviewer.

This final customer’s satisfaction was through the roof: “Just began and couldn’t be more pleased with the people and the care!

Overall, many customers were pleased with what the brand offered. However, this Folx Health review has to admit we did find some complaints about slow turn-arounds after booking consultations, but the brand is a small company that is still growing. 

They do not have the resources of larger healthcare companies, but they make up for it with their direct care and passionate professionals.

Is Folx Health Worth It?

Folx Health Review

It’s hard not to recommend Folx Health given the difficulty many LGBTQ+ Americans face when pursuing gender-related prescriptions. The company’s direct delivery service is reason enough to consider the brand.

What struck this Folx Health review team was how well the company’s panels of experts and clinicians handled their clients. As our previous section displayed, many customers felt blessed with the care the brand’s clinicians provided. 

Folx Health’s delivery service and caring staff helped customers overcome many common barriers to receiving aid, earning the company our recommendation.

Folx Health Promotions & Discounts 

Folx Health Review

Due to the nature of the service, this Folx Health review found that the company cannot, and does not, offer any current promotions or discounts. 

Their efforts are focused on expanding their care to more queer and trans Americans by improving the tools at their disposal, gaining FDA certification, and becoming available in every state.

Where to Buy Folx Health 

Folx Health Review

Folx Health offers their services exclusively through their website, folxhealth.com.


Folx Health Review

Who owns Folx Health?

Company founder A.G. Breitenstein owns Folx Health. After doing some research, we were delighted to discover that their resume is rife with experience in both successful start-up companies like Optum Ventures and LetsGetChecked as well as board membership in healthcare companies like Buoy Health and Vim.

Is Folx Health FDA Approved?

As of February 2021, Folx Health has not received their FDA approval. However, they received $25M in finances which will, among other things, be used to secure approval from the FDA.

How long will it take to get my Prescriptions?

Our Folx Health review found that the brand’s average delivery time is 5 to 7 business days because the company uses USPS First Class shipping.

This is not the case for testosterone due to its controlled substance status. Folx Health only ships testosterone using FedEx Ground. You should expect all testosterone deliveries to take 3 to 7 business days to arrive.

What is Folx Health’s Shipping Policy?

Folx Health discretely ships all of their products. The only information on the box will be your name, the shipping information, and the Folx Health Label.

Only available in 33 states. Folx is working to expand that number. Check their website’s homepage, folxhealth.com, to see if the company operates in your state.

What is Folx Health’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, you cannot return medications or prescriptions that Folx delivers because the law disallows medications from being eligible for refunds or returns.

How to Contact Folx Health

You can reach out to the Folx Health support team by emailing [email protected].

You can also contact your prescription provider through a link on the company’s FAQ page, which is located on their website www.folxhealth.com.

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