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Found Weight Loss Review

Isn’t the human body amazing? Think of all the ways it moves, curves, hardens, stretches, and leans. It’s a moving work of art.

Sadly, not everyone is satisfied with their personal Picasso. Many people want to improve their body composition but don’t know how to do so. Calories, sleep, stress, medication, exercise, and more all affect how effectively one can turn their body into a painting they feel proud to display.

Found Weight Loss understands this complex relationship. That’s why they take an intuitive approach to weight loss[1] that looks at more than just restricting food. 

Over 19k followers on Instagram understand what the company is all about. Are you one of those followers? No? Guess you’re in need of a lesson then.

Read through our Found Weight Loss review to learn about how this brand works to foster healthy habits in their clients, how their plans work, what you can expect, and what customers think.

Overview of Found Weight Loss

Found Weight Loss Review

Found Weight Loss started with a simple premise: replace short-term weight loss with long-term results.

A recent study[2] has shown that the key to maintaining lost weight is replacing short-term results with long-term ones. In other words, those who are successful in losing weight and keeping it off do so by making permanent changes to their lifestyle and habits.

This may include eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and managing stress levels. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing obesity, this study provides valuable insight into the importance of making lasting changes.

By replacing temporary weight loss with long-term results, individuals can improve their health and quality of life.

To that end, the brand epitomizes a broader view of health. Anyone can step on a scale after starving for a month and see a lower number. However, that’s not necessarily healthy, and Found Weight Loss wants to teach their customers that.

The brand promotes longitudinal weight loss plans that take place over the course of months. They don’t promise rapid weight loss. Instead, they foster strong communications between their clients, medical professionals, and their crack team of health coaches.

These plans consist of dietary advice, exercise regimens, possible medications, as well as strategies to improve your sleeping habits, manage stress levels, and more.

Weight loss is often a complicated and long process most individuals choose to delay due to how intimidating it could be.

The support and encouragement of these patients to make sustainable improvements in their diet quality and physical activities. Over the long-term, even in the absence of major weight loss, these changes will likely improve the health of patients 

Much like how there’s plenty that can affect one’s weight, there are tons of factors that can influence whether a company is worth your time. Our Found Weight Loss review writers have listed some of the things we love about this brand:


  • Offers an all encompassing-approach to weight loss
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Direct contact with trained medical professionals
  • Connects users via an exclusive online group
  • Medications are covered by membership fees
Found Weight Loss Review

Found Weight Loss offers personalized lifestyle plans that are determined by factors unique to you. Yes, you, our fair reader. You’ll answer a robust quiz so that your personal health coach can help you develop a plan you can commit to and enjoy.

Found Weight Loss Review

The Found Weight Loss journey is more than a single stop at a plastic surgeon’s office. It’s truly an undertaking worthy of being adapted by Peter Jackson.

The company projects the process will take at least 6 months. This includes the time it takes to collect your information, link you with a health professional, create a sustainable diet[3] and exercise plan[4], measure how those adaptations affect you, and make necessary adjustments.

This comprehensive process may stink for the people who want to see results now. Yet, as the Romans who probably didn’t build their grand city in a day always said, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It takes time to develop healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. On that note, Found Weight Loss has to measure how the prescriptions you may have started taking through their services affect you. It typically takes medications a few weeks to begin making noticeable changes, which is why they have such a long consultation period.

The Found Weight Loss plan costs between $99 and $149 per month, their wellness plan is only $49/month. The price discrepancy is due to plan lengths, required medications, and coaching services.

Who Is Found Weight Loss For? 

Found Weight Loss Review

In our Found Weight Loss review staff’s opinion, their name doesn’t fit their intentions. They don’t see health and weight as a number or a certain body shape. Truly, their practices aren’t even solely dedicated to losing weight.

Found Weight Loss takes all the possible factors that contribute to one’s health to develop sustainable healthy living plans for their clients. This means that even people whose goals aren’t the typical “lose 40 pounds by the summer” affairs can benefit from the brand.

The only hard recommendation Found Weight Loss makes is that their Rx Path plan is for people with a BMI that is higher than 30

Assessing someone’s weight using BMI is already problematic as it’s not the most accurate measurement, but this suggestion denotes the Found Weight Loss Rx Path as being specifically designed for those at the highest risk of suffering from weight-related health issues.

How Does Found Weight Loss Work? 

Found Weight Loss Review

Found Weight Loss might steal your heart with their simple process. While losing weight is a complex interaction of factors even NASA’s founding fathers can’t fathom, Found Weight Loss’ procedure is pleasantly rudimentary.

They use a three-pronged approach to assess how they can best aid you reach your goals:

  1. They pair you with a private medical examiner who will look at everything that makes you you (i.e. height, weight, medical history, current conditions, family history, etc.) to determine if you require any prescriptions
  2. They assign you a personal coach that’ll recommend dietary adjustments, workouts, provide new perspectives on eating and exercise, and more
  3. Found Weight Loss connects you to a community of people with similar weight loss goals. This community can help motivate you on the seemingly never-ending staircase towards peak performance

Quick note: a personal coach could benefit in various ways which is explored in this study[5]. 57% of the subjects with a personal coach showed upward movement and improvement in their attitudes towards working out. 

Plus, if those who could not move up a stage, as this study was measured in stages, were factored out, then 73% of the clients showed improvement after the 10-week intervention. Sounds pretty good, right?

What To Expect From Found Weight Loss? 

Found Weight Loss Review

If we were a poor marketing team instead of a group of Found Weight Loss review writers then we would tell you to expect these results from the brand:

  • Shredded six-pack abs that rival “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s
  • Vascular pythons that’d make Arnold blush
  • A booty so juicy you could put it in the blender
  • A brand new 2022 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition

That’s all incredulous and against what the brand delivers their customers. They seek to foster positive lifestyle changes in their customers so that weight loss transitions from an end goal to a form of healthier living. 

Furthermore, you’ll be linked with registered medical advisors who can give you an expert opinion on weight maintenance from a medical perspective.

After answering a 22-question quiz about yourself, you can expect the process to follow this framework:

  • Month 1
    • Connect with your personal coach and the Found Weight Loss online community
    • Start taking any prescribed medications
    • Make the first steps towards developing healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising practices
  • Months 2-3
    • Create a deeper relationship with your personal coach to improve and/or form new healthy habits
    • It’s by this point that members lose about 5% of their body weight
    • Mark any changes or improvements in mood, functioning, exercising, and sleep
  • Months 4-6
    • Build upon the habits you established in the prior months to continue your progress
    • By the end of the sixth month, most members report dropping 10% of their original body weight
    • You may notice even deeper changes in your health in terms of lower blood pressure, cholesterol, cortisol levels, and blood sugar levels

Blood pressure, when examined in this study[6], showed that regardless of the characteristics of the sample and exercise, the BP reduced in the hours following an acute exercise session. More importantly, reduction was greater if the exercise was performed as a preventive strategy and in physically active individuals.

In this study[7], aerobic exercise resulted in a significant reduction of total cholesterol. Effects were significant, and most of the studies showed changes in the level without significant relation to the type of exercise.

Lastly, according to this study[8], findings support the view that moderate to high intensity exercise increases circulation of cortisol levels. These increases seem due to a combination of concentration of the blood and the stimulus of the HPA axis.

This should allow you to keep off all the weight you worked so hard to shave off. With that being said, the best part of Found Weight Loss is how much you’ll learn over the course of your membership so that you can become your own body’s expert.

You can continue to fine-tune your lifestyle alongside the Found Weight Loss medical professionals as well as your personal health coach. 

Found Weight Loss Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Found Weight Loss Review

Many weight loss companies use customer photos to prove that they’re reliable. They confuse physical attraction with sustainable results and lower numbers on a scale with a healthier lifestyle. 

You don’t need us to tell you that that’s all a load of bologna (though we can tell you that bologna is probably not something you’d want to eat if you’re trying to live the healthiest way possible).

We’ve researched what customers think about the Found Weight Loss program and collected their overall sentiments in this segment.

The Found Weight Loss reviews page on the brand’s website looks promising from the outset. More than 280 customers gave their thoughts about the service and those thoughts can be summarized with an average score of 4.4/5 stars.

Customers new and old loved the services, and not just for the aesthetic improvements they noticed in their lives. As one happy review explains, “I have been using Found for a month and I find that the coaching and support coupled with the medicine is exactly what I needed to jumpstart my weight loss calls.

You’ll note that that 5/5 stars review doesn’t mention looking better or lower body weight. It touched upon what other customers adore about Found Weight Loss. The brand’s professional team motivated and educated clients, and their efforts were appreciated by consumers.

Another commenter mentioned how the ease of communication between the company and themselves helped them stay on track with their goals. 

Speaking of encouragement, another bright review said that that was the key factor in their weight loss. They wrote, “Coach Barbara is wonderful with her check-ins, suggestions, and encouragement! I’ve lost 30 lbs since August and feel great! Being accountable to both myself and Barbara has been key. Thank you Found.

Buyers also complimented how Found Weight Loss’ approach gave them more control over their bodies. The more they learned about themselves the better they could adapt to new plans and dietary changes.

They felt that the process of finding out about themselves was perhaps more rewarding than the image they saw in the mirror. 

As one 5/5 star Found Weight Loss review put it, “ I love found. I’m losing weight and feeling like i’m finally in control. Seeing the scale move in the right direction every week especially over Thanksgiving! This is a game-changer. Learning to eat mindfully and using tools to break habits that I didn’t know I had….Thanks to Found, I feel my hope has been restored.

Consumers on other websites also had their hopes restored. One Facebook commenter felt extremely optimistic about her upcoming Found Weight Loss plan, writing, “I am about a week in and so far I am pleased. Can’t wait to see results.

Another member said that they lost 6lbs after only a month on their Found Weight Loss journey. That’s the type of result that’ll steal headlines.

This final Facebook testimonial subtly demonstrates how customers were able to change their eating habits through Found Weight Loss. It shows that clients learned how to control their cravings and make smarter food choices. 

The testimonial is, “Probably not appropriate but I just gave the finger to a bag of cookies!

They also have an average of 4.4/5 stars rating on the Apple app store. One 5 star review said “…Beyond helping me lose weight, the program has helped me create healthier habits and become more mindful of what I eat and why.

We do need to douse the flames of praise with a little criticism. Our Found Weight Loss review team uncovered some middling reports on Reddit. Some posters said that they were still charged even after they canceled their memberships. 

We’ll pave a path for you to avoid falling into that pitfall deeper in this review.

To wrap up everything customers frequently mentioned in their reviews, we’ve got a cute little list for you:

  • Responsive communication team
  • Encouraging support from professionals
  • Fast and noticeable results

Is Found Weight Loss Worth It?

Found Weight Loss Review

We believe that Found Weight Loss is a worthy endeavor because of how the brand approaches weight loss. They don’t focus on the end game. They encourage their clients to view health and weight from a holistic perspective.

Additionally, the fact that they connect you with trained medical advisors, not just fitness models, means you can depend on getting science-backed information.

Found Weight Loss Promotions & Discounts 

Found Weight Loss Review

Our Found Weight Loss review writing team’s hearts are heavy as we report that there aren’t any promotions or discounts on the brand’s website.

However heavy our hearts may be, it’s best that they’re the only organs carrying any excessive weight. A big heart is good, but an inflamed liver due to years of poor diet and exercise regimens is worse. 

The closest thing to a promotion one could enroll in through Found Weight Loss is their 90-day money-back guarantee. Essentially, they’ll refund you for the first 90 days of your membership if you don’t like their service.

It’s not a typical discount but it’s courteous nonetheless.

Where to Buy Found Weight Loss

Found Weight Loss Review

Found Weight Loss is a digital-only service. That means the only way you can buy it, or subscribe if we’re using the most correct verb, is through the company’s website, joinfound.com.


Found Weight Loss Review

Who owns Found Weight Loss?

Found Weight Loss’s team consists of Sarah Jones-Simmer who acts as the Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Rekha Kumar who is their current Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Acacia Parks, their Chief Behavioral Officer and finally Sarah Romotsky RD who is their Head of Strategic Comms and Partnerships.

Can I sign up for a Found Weight Loss trial?

The team behind this Found Weight Loss review discovered that although the company doesn’t offer any free trials, they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee instead. 

New members will have up to 30 days to try Found Weight Loss on for size and see if it fits their curves. If it doesn’t the company will refund you for that month and for any prescriptions ordered during that period.

Do I need a membership to Found Weight Loss?

Don’t see Found Weight Loss’ mandatory membership as a barrier to entry; see it as a gateway to bespoke service. 

All of their products are on-demand so we weren’t the least bit surprised when we read that you need to sign up for a membership to access their services.

If you want to cancel your membership, we recommend doing so at least 72 hours before your next billing date. This window gives Found Weight Loss enough time to cancel any upcoming payments. 

What is Found Weight Loss’s Privacy Policy?

Currently, this brand is trying to find its footing in markets outside of the United States. They serve the majority of the continental States (plus Hawaii and Alaska).

Found Weight Loss will hold onto your medical record for as long as your pertinent states allow. That makes it hard to know how long your records will stay in their books in the case that you cancel your membership.

Fortunately, our Found Weight Loss review staff discovered that the brand holds your information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act bars participating parties from distributing client information without first obtaining permission from said client.

That’s good if you value privacy! That’s bad if you want somebody else to brag about how many pull-ups you can do.

How to Contact Found Weight Loss

It seems you’ve found where our review ends, you inquisitive little badger. It appears that you’re the curious type so we’ve gone ahead and listed all the ways you can contact this brand. That way, you can speak with someone who is capable of answering any lingering questions.

Shoot Found Weight Loss an email at [email protected]

Looking for more ways to learn about your body and stay fit? Then check out these great options below:


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