SheFit Bras Review

About SheFit

SheFit Bras Review

SheFit specializes in supportive and comfortable athletic apparel for women. With their one-of-a-kind fully customizable sports bras, their products are designed to work with your body to help elevate your performance.

Though their customizable bras launched the brand to notoriety, they now offer a wide range of workout products, including leggings, tops, booty bands, headbands, and more. After striking a deal with Daymond John on Shark Tank in 2016, the brand exploded in popularity. 

Now, SheFit has a following of 226k on Instagram and 280k on Facebook, and counting. They have been featured in top media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Parade, WWD, Pop Sugar, Greatist, NBC News, Runner’s World, Forbes, The New York Times.

This SheFit bras review will take an in-depth look at the brand and their top-selling athletic apparel. We’ll cover customer reviews, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their gear is a worthy addition to your collection.

Overview of SheFit

SheFit Bras Review

Sara Moylan struggled to find a sports bra that worked with her, not against her. She was tired of doubling-up and layering bras for support that was still subpar.

She set out to solve this problem for herself, which resulted in her helping other women, too. In 2010, she launched SheFit with her husband, Bob. Working from their basement, they began developing fully-customizable sports bra prototypes, and the rest is history.

Arguing that a sports bra is the most important piece of workout clothing, the brand helps women alleviate breast pain during exercise. Rather than restricting you from reaching your goals, SheFit wants your bra to work with you and support you.

In 2016, the couple got to show the world their product on the SheFit Shark Tank episode. After striking a deal with Daymond John, the brand absolutely exploded in popularity.

SheFit Bras Review

The brand balances encouraging women to stay healthy and be their best with their focus on inclusivity. Their sizes range from XS to 6 “luxe” (i.e. 6X). Unlike many other fitness brands, SheFit features beautiful models of all shapes and sizes.

Plus, the company’s blog includes articles to help women navigate the fitness world and lead a healthier life. Some of their most popular tips are included in the SheFit Bras 3-day detox to lose weight plan article, in which they help women reset their body to start (or jump back into) a fitness routine.

Shefit was ranked as one of the top 100 fastest-growing privately held companies by Inc.500. The brand now operates from their headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

SheFit Bras Review

Before we dive into this SheFit Bras review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • Wide range of athletic wear and accessories
  • Customizable sports bras provide adjustability with the shoulder straps and bust band
  • Bras are easy to put on and remove, with removable compression and encapsulation cups
  • Inclusive size range
  • Packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
  • SheFit bra sizing experts available for virtual fittings
  • Referral program, rewards program: Earn “crowns” that unlock perks like birthday gifts and early access to new products
  • Free US returns and exchanges
  • Installment payments available with Klarna


  • Some customers report that bras are expensive and do not provide enough coverage
SheFit Bras Review

Known for their innovative sports bras, SheFit apparel is made with women in mind. The company empowers women to enjoy being active and enables them to push harder without pain.

Ordering bras online can be tricky. Thankfully, SheFit is here to help. If you aren’t sure what size to get, just schedule a virtual appointment with one of SheFit’s fit experts!

This SheFit bras review will cover the brand’s bestselling products. From adjustable bras, to snap-on tanks, to vibrant fitness accessories, the company wants to help you reach your goals in comfort and style.

SheFit Sports Bras Review

Gone are the days of having to quit your workout because of breast pain, or having to awkwardly hold your girls down to avoid unwanted bouncing. SheFit offers multiple performance-boosting bra styles in several eye-catching colors for a functional and attractive look.

Ahead, you’ll find everything you need to know about SheFit’s bestselling bras. Featuring a wide size range of XS-6Luxe (meaning, plus), there is a fit for pretty much everyone. As an added bonus, each bra comes packed in a reusable laundry bag for easy washing.

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra Review 

You love running, but the way your breasts constantly bounce is painful, discouraging you from pushing harder and going faster. Thankfully, SheFit set out to solve this problem.

The Ultimate Sports Bra is designed to keep your girls in place. Finally, you can run at the pace you choose, not the one dictated by your pain. This sports bra boasts five key features:

  • Adjustable straps for a customized fit
  • Adjustable bust band to ensure it stays tight against your unique shape
  • 2-way stretch material for support and comfort
  • SheFit’s trademarked Compression and Encapsulation cups to support each breast separately (no uniboob!)
  • High-performance zipper for easy removal

This bra slips on and off easily and is a breeze to adjust during workouts. It is offered in four permanent classic shades as well as five limited edition patterns, such as the silky snakeskin-looking fantom. No matter which color you choose, reach your PRs with the $69 Ultimate Sports Bra.

SheFit The Flex Sports Bra Review 

The Flex Sports Bra is made with a buttery soft fabric that feels smooth and lays flat against your skin. For low to medium impact sports, this bra will keep your breasts tightly in place so you can focus on the things that matter.

Featuring SheFit’s patented Zip. Cinch. Lift.® technology, its adjustable straps and bust band ensure a customized fit for your unique body. The wireless seam-free cups result in a smooth look under shirts—but this bra is so pretty that you might not want to cover it up!

The Flex Sports Bra is fierce and versatile. Customers can choose from two permanent shades, black and blush. But don’t worry, these bras are anything but boring: there’s rose gold marbled detailing on the back for a touch of elegance.

Right now, there are also six limited edition shades to choose from, ranging from a clean white to a firetruck red. Pair with a pair of patterned leggings, perhaps cheetah print, for a fun workout outfit you’ll look forward to putting on. Get this classic athletic bra for $74.

SheFit Lounge Bra Review

Whether you passionately support team bra or team no bra, some days your breasts just need a break from padded, restrictive, and sweat-inducing unmentionables. SheFit’s Lounge Bra provides support and modesty without compromising comfort.

This seamless bra features a zip-front for easy removal, as well as a racerback cut for enhanced movement. It’s designed to conform to your unique shape, thanks to its universal stretch fabric and removable cup pads. All in all, it’s meant to provide the benefits that only a bra can offer, but without the feel of one.

It is offered in two permanent neutral shades, graphite and honey wheat, as well as one vibrant limited edition hue, berry chill. Give your boobs a break with the Lounge Bra for $42.

SheFit Low Impact Sports Bra Review

Look, high-impact sports bras are great for a lot of things. Running, pilates, kickboxing—the list goes on. But sometimes we are willing to sacrifice compressive support for something that lets the girls breathe a little better. That’s where SheFit’s Low Impact Sports Bra comes in.

Whether you’re on your way to a hot yoga class, out for a mountain hike, or jumping on your Peloton bike, this bra will provide support where you need it. The Low Impact Sports Bra is made from soft nylon, breathable polyester, and stretchy spandex for a supportive but comfortable fit.

It features a zip-front closure that’ll stay locked in place until you’re ready to remove it, thanks to the added security from the hidden clasps. (Because no one wants to have an “oops” moment in the middle of the gym.) Plus, the brand’s iconic body-mapping technology will keep your breasts looking perky and exactly where they’re supposed to be throughout your workout.

This bra comes in two essential heathered hues, indigo and tan, as well as the eye-catching limited edition blaze shade. Add the Low Impact Sports Bra to your workout wardrobe for $65.

SheFit Clip Tank Review 

A tank is the perfect cover for when you don’t feel like showing off. But lightweight tanks often bounce around and don’t stay in place. Plus, why have a second set of straps that just add more tension, when your bra already provides the right amount?

The Clip Tank is strapless and clips to your Ultimate or Flex sports bra. It’s made from a soft, lightweight, and breathable material that moves with you and not against you.

Featuring a scoop neck in the front, the Clip Tank has a peek-a-boo back that provides some breathability while allowing you to show off your bra. Super easy to clip on and off, you can remove it after your warmup or mid-workout if needed. 

For more versatility, each tank is loose enough to tie in a knot at your waist if you need something tighter. Available in two permanent colors and three limited edition ones, this smart and stylish tank is $45.

SheFit Booty Bands Review

With the pandemic forcing many gyms around the world to close, home workouts are more important than ever. Booty Bands are essential for toning and lifting your booty at home. ShetFit’s versions are vibrantly colored, which, believe it or not, are proven to make you want to reach for them more often.

This set comes with three resistance bands—light, medium, and heavy—for up to 120lbs of resistance. Their polyester-cotton and latex blend ensure that they won’t roll or slip mid-workout, or irritate your skin.

If that weren’t enough, the SheFit blog provides a 4-week booty band challenge that actually targets your whole body. Simply follow along with your bands at home! When gyms do open again, your new essential band trio can travel with you. 

Each set comes with a drawstring bag so you can bring them wherever your workout takes you. SheFit’s fun and functional Booty Bands are available for $40.

SheFit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SheFit Bras Review

We searched the web for SheFit bras reviews to learn more about what customers actually think about the brand and its products. Ahead, you’ll find testimonials from, Trustpilot, and Reddit that cover the fit and quality of the company’s workout apparel. Spoiler alert: people seem to love them!

On the brand’s website, some products have been rated more than 10k times! Their bestsellers have all earned more than 4/5 stars:

  • Ultimate Sports Bra: 4.4/5 stars from more than 26k ratings
  • Flex Sports Bra: 4.2/5 stars from more than 10k ratings
  • Boss Leggings: 4/5 stars from more than 1.6k ratings
  • Clip Tank: 4.4/5 stars from 269 ratings
  • Signature Resistance Bands: 5/5 stars from 38 ratings

Overall, customers are ecstatic about the fit and quality of products, as well as how easy they are to adjust. One user loves how the innovative Clip Tank allows her to cover up while still showing off her bra: 

“Love the design of this top! It’s always sad to cover up the great colors and design of my SheFit bras, but it’s not always appropriate to wear just a sports bra…problem solved!

SheFit Bras Review

On Trustpilot, the brand has earned a 4.5/5 star rating from 3.3k shoppers. Here, women rave about SheFit’s message and their workout bras. Most reviewers are excited about the fully-adjustable bra design. Take this glowing testimonial: 

I love their workout bras. I never have to worry about if it’ll fit from day to day, it always fits. If I need more support, I get it. Very adjustable. The company has a good message and they have very helpful customer support.”

There are several SheFit Reddit threads that discuss how effective the bras are on women of different sizes. In one thread, a woman with a larger bust reports that the Ultimate bra gives her enough support for any exercise:

“I am a 32G…I wear it to run, lift weights, elliptical, barre and HIIT classes. My girls stay planted into place. Even if they feel a bit loose, it’s easy to adjust…the bra without flashing the whole gym. It’s also super easy to escape from at the end of the workout.

SheFit Bras Review

While most customers are extremely satisfied, we did find a few negative SheFit bras reviews. Some women found that the Ultimate and Flex bras did not provide enough coverage. Take this review from Bratabase:

In my opinion, this is not a bra. This is merely a modesty covering…the cups only cover me slightly over the nipple. The bra squishes my breasts together and up, cutting them in half.”

Similarly, a few reviewers noted that the quality did not meet their expectations based on the price. One Testpilot shopper wrote, “Did not like the material of the bra… the website makes it look really good but once you buy it it’s all cheap material and they’re too expensive for their products.”

In terms of the size comments, these sentiments were exceptionally rare, and were limited to those shopping in the Luxe sizes—the equivalent of plus sizes. The brand does state that they want to provide a bra that is functional and attractive, and perhaps they did not strike a strong enough balance within their larger sizes.

SheFit Bras Review

Their bras seem ideal for women who want full support while still showing a bit of cleavage, and, as a result, this style might not be for everyone.

Similarly, good sports bras are expensive, no matter where you buy them from. SheFit is pretty transparent about where that money goes, especially when it comes to their innovative trademarked technologies that were rigorously tested. Their bras are one-of-a-kind, despite being roughly the same price as many well-known athletic brands.

Are SheFit Bras Worth It?

SheFit Bras Review

You may be wondering, are SheFit bras good? Based on the thousands of positive reviews, we think so! Some women argue that the only way they can make it through a full high-impact workout is with their SheFit bras. (Wow!)

This SheFit bras review readily recommends this brand. We love that they focus on empowering women to move their bodies without pain or discomfort. When compared to other high-performing brands, the SheFit apparel collection is about the same price. Plus, their trademarked fit, cup, and adjustable technologies ensure a personalized fit.

Sports bras can be expensive. This fact sucks because our bodies don’t stay the same size throughout our lives. Fully-adjustable bras means that if you gain or lose some weight, the bras can be re-adjusted to provide the same support.

The brand itself has a positive mission, and is inclusive of different body shapes. Not only do they offer a wide range of sizes, they also feature diverse models. They also offer a blog that covers a number of topics to help you lead a healthier, more informed life

SheFit Bras Review

Though there were a handful of customers who weren’t satisfied with the price or coverage of the brand’s bras, these sentiments were very rare and limited to the Luxe sizes. If you prefer more modesty during your workouts, there is nothing wrong with that! 

SheFit’s bras aren’t designed for full-coverage as they show off a bit of cleavage, so they might not be for everyone. Their 30-day return policy might make your decision easier, though! Overall, if you’re looking for sportswear that balances function with fashion and feeling good with looking good, we think SheFit is worth the buy.

SheFit Promotions & Discounts 

SheFit Bras Review

The company offers the following promotions and discounts through the SheFit website:

  • Free standard shipping on US orders over $100
  • Free US returns and exchanges
  • Refer a friend: Give $10, get a Shefit bra coupon for $5
  • Rewards program: Earn “crowns” to unlock perks like early access to new products
  • Text “JOIN” to 35499 to get a 10% off SheFit discount code

Where to Buy SheFit Bras

SheFit Bras Review

SheFit has a retail location in Hudsonville, Michigan. Otherwise, you can shop directly from


SheFit Bras Review

How long does SheFit take to ship?

SheFit offers free standard shipping within the US. Orders are usually processed in 5-7 business days. Shipping rates vary by location. Shipping options and times are listed below:

  • USPS Standard 3-7 business days (free)
  • UPS Ground 5-7 business days
  • USPS Priority 2-5 business days
  • UPS Priority Express 2-3 business days
  • UPS Next Day Air 1-2 business days 

Your SheFit International shipping costs will be calculated at checkout and vary by location. The brand usually ships to 191 countries, but, because of the pandemic, they are only shipping to select locations. For more information, check out their Shipping Locations page.

A tracking number will be provided in your shipping confirmation email.

What is SheFit’s Return Policy?

SheFit accepts returns and exchanges on unworn and unwashed merchandise within 30 days of the shipping date. Make sure the tags are still attached! US returns and exchanges are free.

To start a return or exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Head to their Return Portal
  2. Enter your order number and zip code
  3. SheFit will send you a mailing label that you will need to attach to the outside of your return package
  4. When your items are received at their warehouse, your refund will be processed in 3-5 business days
  5. Allow an extra 3-5 business days for your refund to show up on your original method of payment

This Shefit Bras review notes that international returns and exchanges are not free, and will not receive a prepaid shipping return label.

Certain items cannot be returned. This includes “last chance” promotions or items bought in their warehouse sale. If your order arrived damaged or defective, SheFit will need to inspect it before issuing a refund or replacement.

How to Contact SheFit

For any information that this Shefit bras review did not include, you can contact their customer service team through:

  • SheFit customer service phone number: (866)-768-4872
  • Contact form: Available on their website
  • Live chat: Available on their website
  • Email: [email protected]

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